Sell My House Myself in Adelaide, SA

Information About Selling Property Privately in South Australia

Sell My House Myself in Adelaide, SA

If you want to follow the ‘Sell My House Myself in Adelaide‘ process and sell your own home without using an agent, we can provide you with everything you need to succeed. Selling your property without the use of a traditional real estate agent in Australia is perfectly legal. Not only that, but many people find the process of selling a house privately surprisingly easy.

For Sale By Owner is an Australian company that helps you advertise your property and reach as many prospective buyers as would be possible when using an agent. We advertise on the same portals that were previously only available to traditional agents (such as and provide all the marketing materials you need to run a professional and effective marketing campaign.

By selling your house privately with For Sale By Owner, you can potentially save thousands in commissions. In addition to that, the actual marketing fees (i.e. fees to get your property listed on all the major real estate websites) will often be cheaper as well.

If you’d like to learn more about selling without agents, we would like to invite you to view our current private sales packages by clicking on the button below.

Why Would I Want To Sell My House Myself in Adelaide?

1. Save Money On Agent Fees And Real Estate Commission Fees

The amount of money you can potentially save by selling privately is significant and can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Real estate commissions in Australia are very high compared with other countries, and vendors who sell their property privately can save a significant amount of money.

In addition to real estate commissions, the fees you will be charged by the agent for the marketing of your property (listing on major real estate portals, a ‘For Sale’ board etc. is also likely to be higher than if you were to do this using our services.

When you decide to sell and are thinking about hiring an agent, consider just how much or little work the agent will be doing for their commission. In most cases, you would be able to achieve the same result, at a fraction of the cost.

2. You Know Your House Better Than Anyone

A major advantage that private homeowners have over agents is their knowledge of the property that is being sold, as well as the street and the suburb itself. This is also one of the reasons why many buyers prefer dealing with the owner directly. They know that they are more likely to get accurate and truthful answers to any questions they may have.

When selling your home privately, you will also have a better idea of the most appealing aspects of the property, street and general area, and you’ll be in a better position to sell the most attractive aspects to potential buyers.

Your knowledge of your house can also help when it comes to making your house stand out from other properties online. Whereas agents often use standard descriptions and catch-phrases, you will be able to create a more appealing and unique advertisement for your private home.

3. You'll Have Total Control

As part of the ‘sell my house privately’ process, you will have complete control over what sort of budget you want to set for advertising fees, how you would like to price your property, what photos you would like to be shown, what text you’d like on the photo board etc.

By having control over all these aspects, things can move much faster. You won’t need to wait for an agent to get back to you in their own time, and you will have the final decision as to how things are done.

It’s a great advantage to those who sell their property themselves to be able to make and implement decisions quickly without having to always go back and forth with an agent.

4. You Can Be As Pro-active As Like

An agent who may be selling properties for multiple vendors has limited time and resources that they can devote any given single property. They need to divide their time between the sale of multiple properties and need to also spend time talking to prospective new vendors.

When you sell your home yourself, you can devote as much time and resources as you want to achieve a great result. You’ll generally be able to get back to buyers much faster, and will have much more flexibility when it comes to arranging a time for them to come and inspect the property. The limits of the agent’s schedule are no longer a factor that needs to be considered.

Another major advantage is that you won’t be stuck with an agent who is not doing enough. If you tied to an exclusive sales agreement with an agent, there will be very little you can do to make them work harder or do things differently.

5. Buyers Like Dealing With Private Vendors

Agents like to promote the idea that buyers are more comfortable with dealing with an agent. This is simply not the case. We have had many testimonials from clients over the years who say the exact opposite. Buyers prefer dealing directly with the owner.

When dealing with the owner of the property themselves, instead of a licensed real estate agent, buyers know that they are more likely to get direct, accurate and truthful answers about the house itself, as well as other issues relating to the area generally.

Buyers also like the fact that they are not having to foot the bill for expensive real estate agent commissions. Many people think that they, the buyer, are footing the bill for the agent’s commission.

Sell My House Myself in Adelaide, SA

Here Are Some Tips For When You 'Sell My House Myself in Adelaide':

1. Price your property realistically

Sell My House Myself in Adelaide, SA

With private house sales as with agent sales, you must price your home correctly. We can provide you with price estimates based on comparable properties, in the form of a CoreLogic appraisal. This is the same software agents use to create appraisals for their customers and will give you a good estimate of the current value of your house.

When setting the price of your house, you have the option of setting a search price and a display price. If you’d rather not disclose the price, you can simply add terms like ‘Price on Application’, or ‘Negotiable’ etc.

Various states also have specific pricing requirements with regards to underquoting. South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria have special requirements in terms of using words in combination with amounts when advertising properties in Australia, such as ‘Offers Over’. These guidelines currently do not apply to properties in Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory and the ACT.

2. Be pro-active in communicating with buyers

Sell My House Myself in Adelaide, SA

With all our sales and rentals packages, when someone enquires, you will get an SMS alert and email with the details of the person who has enquired. The buyer or tenants will in turn also receive an email with the contact details of the home seller or landlord.

When you receive an enquiry, we recommend that you don’t just wait for the buyer to contact you as they may be expecting you to call. It’s always a good idea, especially in a buyers’ market, to be pro-active, and to contact them as soon as you can. One of the great benefits, when you sell without agents, is that you’re able to communicate easily and directly with buyers. Take the initiative and contact them or get back to them as soon as you can.

3. Make sure you are listed on the most popular websites

Sell My House Myself in Adelaide, SA

Advertising on major portals like and is one of our main core services, as part of our ‘sell my home’ packages. There have been more properties sold through us than any other single agency on

When you sell my house privately on realestate com au, you’ll have the ability to market your home to a vast number of online buyers. The vast majority of enquiries will come from and and this is where an agent would also get most of their leads from.

For Sale By Owner is also to list your property on and we are a licensed estate agent, and hold an active subscription with them.

4. Use high-quality photos & copy

Sell My House Myself in Adelaide, SA

An integral part of private house sales is to create and run a professional sales campaign. Just because you are selling your property without an agent does not mean it needs to be of lower quality. To a large extent, the presentation of your sales campaign will have a significant impact on how many enquiries you get.

For Sale By Owner works with professional real estate photographers throughout Australia. Real estate photography is included in our Essentials Plus+ package, or you can choose to purchase professional photos at a later stage, should this be of interest to you.

Whilst most private sellers write their own property description, we can also provide you with a professional copy if you’d prefer. Else, we’re always willing to provide feedback and give suggestions about your property write-up.

5. Have contracts and other documents ready

Sell My House Myself in Adelaide, SA

Real estate laws vary from state-to-state throughout Australia. For example, in NSW and the ACT you are by law required to have a contract before advertising your property. Whilst it’s not a requirement in Victoria to have a Section 32 ready before you start to advertise, it’s often a good idea to have this ready in advance.

Whilst we cannot give legal advice or provide contracts of sale, we do work closely with many industry professionals and can recommend solicitors, conveyancers, or settlement agents, depending on the location of your property.

We also assist private landlords to find tenants and have a substantial number of properties for rent. Please view our rental packages if you are looking to rent out your property rather than sell it. The various portals we will list your rental property on varies a little from sales packages but does include, and

Did you know? often has helpful links and real estate news relating to auction results and other property news, as has on numerous occasions done articles on properties that our clients have marketed.

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