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Private House Sales

Private House Sales Australia

In Australia, there is now a growing market in the real estate world for private house sales.  With the internet forging new directions in advertising, there is now a website that can enable property owners to take charge of their marketing needs when it comes to private house selling.  You will find our listings for private house sales in Australia where the owners are not going through a real estate agent.

Our company ‘For Sale By Owner’ is widely used by property owners as a means to get on to sites such as,, and, along with several other sites.  This makes it just as easy for buyers to find the listing of a private house sale as it would be if the sale was being managed by an agent.

Once a buyer sees a private house sale they are interested in,  the buyer will then be able to engage directly with the owner. Another advantage to this is that the buyer and seller are saving themselves the cost in unnecessary agency fees so that saving then translates into negotiating power from the buyer’s point of view.

When it comes to negotiations with private house sales situations,  the benefit for the buyer is there is a much less chance of been given misleading information about the property, negotiations most often proceed much smoother when dealing directly with the property owner.

When a buyer wants to put in an offer on a property,  the same process is used as is used by agents in Australia.  Contracts are drawn up by legal practitioners, the private seller gives this to the buyer,  who will go away and usually have their own legal representation look at the contract and then all parties will sign if an agreement is come to.  Deposits and final transactions are handled by the legal practitioner of the private seller,  so this is no different than the agency experience,  as long as you the buyer and the owner use this process,  there is every reason to put your trust in the private house sale system.

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