Advertise Rental On Without Agent

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Advertise Rental On Without Agent

Advertise Rental On Without Agent

Are you looking to Advertise your property on without using a traditional agent? In addition to our sale packages, we also have residential rental packages that will allow you to advertise your rental property to an extensive audience of prospective tenants. We do not charge any monthly or ongoing fees, and there are no additional fees once you have found a tenant.

Our rental packages are all listed until leased and include a 2-month rental re-listing guarantee.

Please click through to see current prices and inclusions.

Here are three things to bear in mind:

Advertising A Rental Property Privately On

There is no requirement in Australia to use an agent to rent out your property. Not only are you legally permitted to do so, but the process of advertising and finding a tenant is not difficult. Renting out privately has several advantages. The advertising fees you pay will generally be less than going through an agent, and you will also avoid having to pay a letting fee, which commonly is the equivalent of 2 weeks’ rent.

In addition to this, many tenants and landlords prefer being able to deal with each other directly. This can cut out a lot of delays and instead of communication being slowed down by the fact that it has to be relayed through a third party, tenants and landlords can just speak with each other directly. Landlords advertising and renting out their properties privately is something which is becoming more and more popular in Australia as time goes on.

Resources Previously Only Available To Agents

Our website gives you access to tools and resources which were previously only available to real estate agents. For Sale By Owner is a licensed agency in all states and territories of Australia, and can then thereby provide you with everything you need to find a tenant without a traditional agent.

All our rental packages include a rental appraisal. This will help you to establish the correct rental amount for your property, based on the current market, and based on comparable properties. In addition to that, the report will also contain useful information relating to the suburb in which you are advertising. This includes median rent, vacancy rates and more.

We also offer a number of add-ons that can be purchased at any time. The most popular of these is our National Tenancy Database checks, which can help determine whether or not a tenant has previously been blacklisted.

Rental Application Forms

Application forms can generally be found and downloaded for free from a number of different websites. They can be very time-consuming for tenants to fill in though, and most will not be prepared to manually fill in forms which may take upwards of 30 minutes. Instead, many tenants are now using’s rental system which came to replace 1form in 2022. The way that this system works is that tenants can lodge full rental applications on numerous websites with just a few clicks.

We then process these and send them through to you, including any supporting documents that they may have included. So when listing your rental on through us, you will not need to prepare or source your own rental application form at all.

Advertise Rental On Without Agent

Here are some common questions and answers with regards to listing a rental property on without an agent:

1. What is included in the rental advertising packages?

Advertise Rental On Without Agent

The core service we offer with all our packages is rental listing on This is the most popular portal for rental properties in Australia. Some of the additional services/products include a For Lease board, extended customer support hours, and a re-listing guarantee. Please click through to view a full list of inclusions as well as current pricing. Within your account, there are also optional extras available to purchase, such as National Tenancy Checks.

2. Will my rental property also be listed on other websites?

Advertise Rental On Without Agent

Yes. Your property will also be advertised on sites like,,,, and many other portals. You won’t need to create a listing or account for each of these sites. All you need is one account with us. Here you will create and manage your listing. We then export your advertisement to all the websites to which we publish at the same time. Making changes is therefore just a simple matter of making an edit and clicking to save your changes.

3. How do prospective tenants on contact me?

Advertise Rental On Without Agent

Tenants are able to submit a standard enquiry via any of the websites we publish to. They will receive an automated email with your name and phone number. You, in turn, will also receive an email and SMS with the tenant’s contact details. These details are also logged inside your account should you wish to access all of the enquiries in the same place. Tenants are also able to complete full applications using’s rental application system. This allows tenants to submit full rental applications, and to attach all their supporting documents, such as Photo ID, payslips, and references.

4. Do I need to be the owner of the property being advertised on

Advertise Rental On Without Agent

There are instances where you can list on behalf of the owner of a property (with their permission), but in general, you do need to be the owner to advertise your property. The marketing authority will need to be signed by the owner of the property. In addition to this, we require some proof of ownership such as a recent rates notice, contract, or another form of proof. We need to ensure that we are dealing with the legal owner of a given property or someone who is acting on behalf of the owner.

5. How much does it cost to advertise a rental property on

Advertise Rental On Without Agent

Please click to view the current pricing for our rental packages. We currently have two packages available; the rentals standard package and the rentals extended package. The only difference between these two is the inclusion of a ‘For Lease’ board with our extended package. Our charges are just one-off, and your property will be listed until leased. We do not charge any ongoing or monthly fees, and there are no additional fees once you have found a tenant. In addition to this, we also offer a 2-month relisting guarantee in the event that a tenant does not end up signing their lease.

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