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Overview of listing fees

Cost to Advertise on

Cost to Advertise on Pricing

Prices for advertising your property on vary depending on whether you are looking to sell or rent your property using For Sale By Owner.

A rental listing on is $149 to $199, listed until leased. The two rental packages are priced depending on whether you need a For Rent board. Both packages include listings on other portals like,,,, and others, as well as a For Lease board.

A sale listing on is either $699 or $969, listed until sold. These packages also include listings on numerous other websites like, a For Sale board, access to property valuation reports, and more. Please note that the listing fees for are our charges, not the prices that charges for private listings. Advertising Fees Are A One-Off Expense

Once you have paid your package fee, there are no ongoing or monthly fees. The listing fees paid to For Sale By Owner will cover your listing until leased or sold. These fees are payable in full and upfront prior to your property being advertised on You are able to pay either by credit card or by bank transfer; whichever best suits you. The listings fees for are for a standard listing and include unlimited updates to your property listing.

Here are some optional upgrades which are not included in the standard private advertising fees for


Delivered directly via email as Featured Home Alerts, eBrochures connect your property with motivated buyers who have registered their interest in properties that match your listing; generating more qualified leads.

Top Spot

A Top Spot listing guarantees your home the number 1 position in search results for your suburb, delivering unmatched exposure to Domain’s 3.9 million active and engaged property seekers each month, including 33% who search exclusively on Domain.

Platinum Listing

A Platinum listing gives your property high exposure in search results, delivering 5X more views and enquiries than Subscription listings.

In addition to this, your listing is refreshed within search results each week to ensure your property stays front of mind for Domain’s 3.9 million active and engaged property seekers each month.

Gold Listing

A Gold listing ranks higher in search results than Silver and Subscription listings; delivering double the views and enquiries compared to Silver and Subscription listings.

With larger hero images and an in-built image carousel, a Gold listing helps you capture the attention of Domain’s 3.9 million active and engaged property seekers each month.

Silver Listing

A Silver listing ranks higher in search results than Subscription listings.
With larger hero images and an in-built image carousel, a Silver listing helps you capture the attention of Domain’s 3.9 million active and engaged property seekers each month.

Cost to Advertise on

Here are some frequently asked questions we get with regards to listing fees:

Are there any other ongoing fees?

Cost to Advertise on

No. All our packages are until leased or until sold, however long that may take. There are no additional fees along the way and no additional fees once you have found a tenant or have sold your property.

That obviously does not include optional extras like upgrading your property on The fees to list privately on are a one-off expense and are per property. A private listing on can only be for one specific property unless it is for a block of units where these are all included in the price.

Can I advertise on privately?

Cost to Advertise on

No, Since 2021 it is no longer possible to list privately on directly. no longer accepts direct listings from members of the public. By advertising your property with us, however, you will effectively be able to list your property on their site and control the listing through our systems.

You will have full control over how the listing looks, what price is set, what photos are used and more. Not only is it more economical to advertise through us than it previously was to list on directly; you will get a wider range of additional products and listing on other sites.

Are both rentals and sale properties possible?

Cost to Advertise on

Yes. Domain has separate sections on their website for each and you are able to advertise your property as a rental or sale property. Talk to us if you want to advertise your property for sale and rent. In most cases, we will be able to offer you a discounted deal for both if you are unsure as to whether you want to sell or rent out your property.

We’re also happy to offer a discounted rate should you wish to advertise multiple properties on please get in touch with us for listing prices for and we will quote you a package fee for multiple properties.

Can I advertise on only to save on costs?

Cost to Advertise on

Yes, we are happy to accommodate this if you only want to advertise on If you do not require a listing on other websites like and only want to list on, we can propose a package for only which best suits your needs.

Please contact us if this is specifically what you are after. We can also include possible upgrades in the advertising fees if this may be of interest to you.

How can i create a account and where do enquiries go?

Cost to Advertise on

When advertising your property privately on through us, you do not need to create an account with them. Instead, you will simply create an account with us, and we then push your advertisement to many different real estate websites at the same time.

This saves you time and effort and makes the whole process fast and streamlined. When someone makes an enquiry on, this will come straight through to you. You will receive the enquiry via us by email and by SMS. There is no cost for updates; you can add your listing as often as you like and whenever you like.

Please note that the advertising fees are our charges. no longer accepts private listings from members of the public.

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