How to Advertise on Privately

Listing without an agent

How to Advertise on Privately

How to Advertise on Privately

How to Advertise on Privately

If you would like to advertise on privately, this is possible with either or our residential sale or rent packages. It’s important to understand the context of this though. REA does not accept private listings from the public. In order to list or advertise on, you need to be a licensed real estate agent. By advertising with us, you will be able to have your property listed on REA but you will not be able to signup and join them directly.

So the manner in which you are advertising ‘privately’ relates to the fact that you are doing so without using the services of a traditional real estate agent who would create and manage the listing on your behalf. If you want to selling your house privately on, this is possible with either of our sale packages. You are also able to rent out your property in the same way.

Three things to know about advertising on

1. Private Vendor Listings Vs Agent Listings

It’s important to know that does not allow private vendors to list their properties for sale directly. This must be done through a subscribing agency, which must be licensed. In this respect, there is no such thing as a private vendor listing on

What is possible, however, is an agency such as For Sale By Owner, which has a different business model from traditional real estate agencies. In our business model, we do not charge any commission, and instead, we only charge upfront fees. Unlike traditional agents, we do not conduct Open For Inspections etc. on your behalf. This is something the vendor does themselves. Any private sale listing on is therefore being advertised by an agency such as ours.

2. Property Upgrades has a number of upgrades that allow a listing to appear higher in search results. These upgrades are generally for 30 or 45 days. When listing your property through us, these upgrades will also be available to you. Any options that are available to mainstream agencies are also available to you. The price of these varies from area to area, and may or may not be a good option for you. We are always happy to provide you with prices and recommendations as to whether this will be money well spent as part of your marketing campaign.

3. Has Quality Control Guidelines

The two main reasons for these policies are 1. to provide users with a good experience when using their site, and 2. to create equality amongst listing. In terms of user experience, recognises that users want properties to be listed in the correct suburb, and to be able to view listings that are not misleading in any way. In terms of equality of listings, they do not want agents to try and make their listings stand out from others through the use of borders or colours etc. If an agent wants to advance their listing, they can purchase an upgrade which will allow their listing to appear higher in search results.

How to Advertise on Privately

Here are some frequently asked questions about listing a house privately on

1. How do I put my house on

How to Advertise on Privately

Simply click on the ‘View Packages’ tab in the menu, and select to view our Residential Sale or Rental Packages. Even though your property will be listed on, you will need to create your property advertisement in our system if using For Sale By Owner. You do not need to separate login for each real estate website to which we publish.

On the packages page, you will see a full list of inclusions. Simply select the package that best suits your needs and click to buy that package. You can choose to either pay by credit card or by bank transfer.

Once you have signed up and have received a confirmation email from us, you’ll be able to create your account with us and your listing, as you would like it to appear on and other sites to which we publish.

At this stage all our packages are either until sold or until leased.

2. How much does it cost to list on

How to Advertise on Privately

Rentals: $149 – $199. Listed on until leased.

Sales: $699-$969. Listed on until sold.

These are the basic listing fees we charge, and these packages also include listings on many other websites as well such as, a ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Lease’ board, printable brochures, real-time enquiry processing and more. Please click to view our packages for a full list of inclusions.

Most new listings on are standard listings, but the option to upgrade your listing is there as it is for traditional agents. You are able to upgrade your listing at any time in order to increase the prominence of your property advertisement. If you’re unsure whether this is a good option for you, please get in touch with us and we will be able to advise you about this. There are many variables that come into play with regards to whether it is worth upgrading a listing.


Here you can find some more information about listing fees.

3. Can I list on as a private seller?

How to Advertise on Privately

No. At this time does not allow private vendors to list on their site in order to sell residential properties. They only permit licensed agencies to list properties, and these agencies must have a subscription. We can, however, assist you in listing your property on

For Sale By Owner is a licensed agency in all States and Territories of Australia, and we have an account with REA. We will be able to publish your property and help you reach a large audience of prospective buyers. Please note that because we are a licensed agency, there is no difference between our listings and those of traditional real estate agencies. You will not be disadvantaged in any way simply because you are selling privately.

Please note that does have a number of requirements in terms of what they do and do not permit in their listings. In order to maintain the integrity and quality of content that appears on their site, they have an Acceptable Use Policy to which agents must adhere. There is no requirement or expectation that you read their AUP though. We will check your listing to ensure that it complies with their AUP and will let you know if anything needs to be modified.

4. What is private real estate listing?

How to Advertise on Privately

A private listing simply means that someone is selling their property themselves, and without using a traditional real estate agent. There is no legal requirement to use an agent, and an increasing number of  Australians are now choosing to sell themselves, using our services to advertise their properties.

Selling privately can mean very significant savings in commission fees and advertising fees. While this is perhaps the most common reason that people sell privately, there are also many other good reasons for doing so.

Private listings are popular with many buyers as it allows buyers to talk directly with the owners. On our website, each and every property listed for sale is being sold directly by the owners themselves. If you’re looking to buy a property privately, you’ll be able to easily contact the owner using to contact enquiry form on the property page.

5. Can I sell privately on without an agent?

How to Advertise on Privately

Yes and No. only allows agencies who have a subscription to their website to list properties for sale. For Sale By Owner is a subscribing agency and by using our services, you’ll be able to still get your property listed.

You have control over your listing and can make changes in our system whenever you’d like your ad on to be updated. There is no cost for making updates and any changes you make will flow through to their website a short time after.

REA does require that all listings comply with their Acceptable Use Policy. There are a number of things that they do not allow in their listings, such as links to external websites, promotional material not relating to the property advertised, and a number of other things. The reason for these requirements is to create uniformity amongst listings and to provide end-users with the best possible experience when using their site.

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