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If you’re looking to advertise on without an agent this is possible by listing via For Sale By Owner. Please note that FSBO is an agent though and REA does not allow private listings from the general public. See also this link on the cost to advertise on

The benefits of advertising through For Sale By Owner are:

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  • 1. Maximum exposure

    You will be able to get your property advertised on and will be able to market to a great number of potential buyers. At this time, is the most popular real estate website in Australia and generates more online enquiries than any other real estate portal in Australia.

  • 2. You'll be able to access upgrades

    For those who have properties in more competitive suburbs, you’ll be able to access any of their upgrade options. These are currently: feature upgrades, highlight upgrades, and premier upgrades. The cost of each varies from suburb to suburb.

  • 3. You'll save money on advertising costs

    With most agents, you will also need to pay advertising costs to the agent for your listing on as well as having to pay them commission once you have sold. By advertising on through you will likely save money on listing fees.

  • 4. You won't need to pay ongoing fees

    The cost to advertise privately on is a one-off fee. There are no ongoing or monthly fees applicable, and so you won’t incur any further costs for you listing, no matter how long it takes for your property to sell.

  • 5. You won’t need to pay any sales commission

    Once your property has sold, you will not need to pay any real estate commission. With commissions generally being around the 2-3% mark, that is a potential savings of many thousands of dollars.

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