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How to advertise your property on

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How Can I Advertise My Property On

If you are wanting to sell your own home or rent out your own home and advertise on, this is possible through our website. Click on any of our sales or rental packages to see how we can help you advertise your home privately on is one of the leading real estate websites for buying and selling real estate and attracts many property seekers each month. Around 3 million visitors per month search properties on their portal and the website is part of the Fairfax Media network so therefore draws a considerable audience of people seeking to buy or rent a property. If you are wanting to use the sell my house online method and advertise your property, is an important inclusion in your marketing campaign.

Whilst it is possible to advertise on privately, it’s cheaper to go through us. In addition to that, we can also publish your property on and numerous other portals such as,, and

Reasons to advertise privately on

1. Many People Use Domain Exclusively has a considerable audience that uses its site exclusively. By having your property on their website in addition to other popular ports, you’ll maximise the number of potential buyers or tenants that will see your property. When you sell your property or rent your property on, you’ll be reaching prospective buyers and tenants who would otherwise never have seen your property online.

Domain also has a very popular Phone App that is used by many people.

2. Generates A Significant Number Of Enquiries generates a significant number of enquiries for those who are looking to sell their house privately. Many of our previous clients have ended up selling their property to a buyer or tenant who found them through Any additional fees or cost to advertise on and reach their unique visitors are well worth it.

3. Enquiries Are Generally Good Quality

The quality of enquiries generated from all the websites to which we publish can vary from site to site. Domain enquiries are generally very good quality and there is a far smaller proportion of spam or soliciting of business enquiries compared with several of the other real estate portals on which you can list. This is especially the case for those who advertise rental property on their site.

4. Their Systems Update Quickly

When you make a change to your listing, we send an XML feed to all of the websites to which we publish simultaneously. For example, if you have added new open times or adjusted your price or made a change to your property description, you want this change to be updated online quickly. is one of the fastest sites to update their listings and your changes will generally be reflected on their site within 15 minutes or so.

5. They Have 1form Integrated is also very popular for private rentals, and if you’re a landlord wanting to advertise your rental property, has 1Form built into their properties for agencies that have opted in. This means that you will be able to accept full applications from prospective tenants, including all supporting documents. 1Form is now used by a very significant proportion of tenants and by having access to 1Form yourself as a landlord, you should be able to rent out your property faster. If you’re looking to advertise rental property, you’ll find our rental prices in the packages pages in the sidebar or the top menu.

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What are the key features of the sales package?

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Our core service is for people who are wanting to sell privately. By listing your property with us, you’ll have access to 1. A listing on, and numerous other sites, 2. A ‘For Sale’ sign, 3. Printable Brochures, 4. Property Appraisals, 5. Property Reports, 6. A panel of experts to assist you in selling your property privately, Access to extended customer support outside of standard business hours. All our sales packages are listed until sold, with no additional fees.

Click here to view our: Residential Sell My Property Packages.

Click here to view our: Commercial Sell My Property Packages.

What are the key features of the rental package?

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If you’re wanting to list one or more properties for rent, our package includes 1. A listing on, and numerous other sites, a ‘For Lease’ sign, 2. A ‘For Lease’ sign, 3. A rental re-listing guarantee, 4. Access to tenants application forms via 1Form, 5. Ability to manage your listing 24/7 and 6. Access to extended customer support outside of standard business hours. All our rental packages are based on a listing until leased, with no additional fees.

Click here to view our: Residential Private Rental Packages.

Click here to view our: Commercial Private Lease Packages.

In what states can I advertise on

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We are licensed throughout all states and territories of Australia. You can sell or rent privately with us whether your property is in Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania. ACT or the Northern Territory.

What payment methods are possible?

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When signing up with us you can elect to either pay online in real-time using a credit card or by EFT. If paying by EFT, you’ll receive an invoice from us with our bank details and a reference number. To speed things up, just let us know when you have made the payment for your account.

How do I create and manage my listing?

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Listing your property on with one of our sales or advertise rental packages should be done through our website, and cannot be done directly on the domain website.

Once you have signed up with us and have created your account, you will need to enter the details of the property you are wanting to advertise on This includes adding a property description, setting the price, and uploading photos etc. Once you publish your listing, we then export these details to and and numerous other sites.

In terms of making updates, all you need to do is log into your account with us, make the desired update, and click to save. Your changes will then automatically go through to all sites.

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