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For Sale By Owner Reviews: Renee Campbell-Pope

Renee Campbell-Pope
Scarborough, WA

Just Added! - 2 Sept, 2021

I found the support and resources I needed to sell our house very helpful.

I made a mistake with the website and they were quick to help me with it which was much appreciated. The professional photos were great and the signage and flyers.
For Sale By Owner Reviews: Lance and Angela Owen

Lance and Angela Owen
Joondalup, WA

Just Added! - 1 Sept, 2021

I was a bit nervous about putting my house up for sale privately even though I had sold privately in the UK and New Zealand.  I had a few discussions with Colin, the owner of the company, and I found him to be very encouraging and highly knowledgeable regarding the sale and purchase of properties.

The “for sale by owner” website is user friendly and when I needed support, Colin or another member of his team was on the other end of the phone.  The photographer he organised was excellent and he lives in Perth.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking about selling their property to talk to Colin in Melbourne and discuss selling privately. As well as saving real-estate fees, I found I had much more control over the selling process and and my husband really enjoyed hosting the open home.

On the first open home, we had 24 groups of people through and accepted the first offer. Overall, it was a stress-free and enjoyable experience. I have already recommended “for sale by owner” to other people.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Martin Siemons

Martin Siemons
Terranora, NSW

Just Added! - 31 August, 2021

Would definitely recommend using For Sale By Owner for selling your own home. Not only did we save $30K in comms we could be available to show any prospective purchasers at very short notice, something agents are always willing or able to do. We also have local knowledge about the area and know the home better than an agent ever could.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Tethys Scheibner

Tethys Scheibner
Tolmans Hill, TAS

Just Added! - 30 August, 2021

Thank you very much for all your help. Using your For Sale By Owner site to sell our home has been a very positive experience for us. You have been very professional but you also provide a very personal service with plenty of constructive advice and we would highly recommend you to anyone considering selling their home.

Not only do you save a significant amount of money but that saving can also translate to a better deal for the buyer and therefore a greater chance of getting a sale. Ultimately the homeowner is the one who knows the most about their home and the feedback from our purchasers is that they much preferred dealing with the homeowner rather than dealing with a real estate agent.

So thank you and hopefully, more people wise up to the joys of selling their own home through For Sale By Owner.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Bev Jackson

Bev Jackson
Manoora, QLD

Just Added! - 28 August, 2021

This was a great experience!  At first, the thought was daunting but the team made the start easy and support was always at hand.  I enjoyed meeting potential buyers through Home Open days or by appointment through contact from websites.  I also had a helpful legal team who nursed me through the documentation.
One surprising experience I would not have expected was being offered $80 by someone who wanted to buy the signage I had made to put on the nearby roundabout, on the roadside outside the complex and outside my unit.  These signs were empty packing boxes decorated with coloured paper bunting and HOME OPEN with arrows pointing in the direction.
A bonus for the seller and the buyer is being able to adjust the price through saving on paying someone commission to do something which you are very capable of doing yourself and having fun doing it.  GO FOR IT!!
For Sale By Owner Reviews: Kelvin Hutchinson

Kelvin Hutchinson
Massie, QLD

Just Added! - 28 August, 2021

I wouldn’t sell property any other way. Saved us thousands of dollars in agents fees and the prospective purchasers are always happier dealing with the property owner than an agent anyway.

What’s so difficult about taking calls and helping with site inspections as needed. Solicitors can assist with contracts and holding deposits etc. You can do it!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Renee Petersen

Renee Petersen
Narangba, QLD

We have sold our house and really appreciate the help given to us at For Sale By Owner. It was a tough time of year for selling a house but we did it with your help. Thank you!
For Sale By Owner Reviews: Anne Schouler

Anne Schouler
Beverley, WA

Thank you so much for everything. Colin helped us he is a delight to work with.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Olga De Angelis

Olga De Angelis
Fairy Meadow, NSW

With the tools provided by the Team at Forsalebyowner, we have been able to successfully market our Property for Rent to a wide screening audience and have been successful even during a pandemic and crisis situation. We have used real Estate Agents in the past but have found self-management to be more efficient and effective for both the Landlord and Tenant. By cutting out the middle man you not only save thousands of dollars but become more effective in managing your property by dealing with the Tenant and any issues directly rather than through at times an inefficient middle man/woman.

I have now successfully sold my house (for the asking price) in a challenging market that was affected by a sluggish economy and delayed by the effects of COVID-19 lock-downs. Initially, I listed my house with a local agent, but after 4 months I decided to use the services of “For Sale By Owner”. I was very happy with the choice of packages offered, all of which were realistically priced and relevant. The listing interface was easy to use, made setting up of my sale ad very easy, and allowed me to modify and adapt it whenever necessary. I was able to edit the wording of the ad (as I did frequently), adjust the sale price, and add or remove photos without any problems.

The updating process was rapid, and in most cases, the changes were reflected on the listing websites (forsalebyowner.com.au, realestate.com, domain.com, etc) within minutes, allowing me to actively manage my listing. It was particularly useful to be able to set or amend “Home Opens” whenever it suited me. The signboard arrived with 5 days and was professional and attractive and resulted in numerous enquiries from people driving past.

I achieved a far better result by being in control of the sale process and was much happier with progress. I saved $9,000 in agents fees and achieved a sale price $10,000 higher than the best offer the agents presented to me!

Thanks to Colin and the team. Without doubt, using “For Sale By Owner” was the smartest way for me to go.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Kathie Blackmore

Kathie Blackmore
Palmwoods, QLD

We recently used the for sale by owner option to sell our property. We used the professional photography option which is worthwhile. We had enquiries and inspections booked a few hours after the listing was activated.

We had numerous enquiries and 4 offers. With the market moving so fast it was a quick and easy process.
The listing process is simple and has clear instructions and has to be one of the easiest stress-free programmes I have ever used. Definitely recommend sellers using the for sale by owner option.
Thank you for being of assistance to us when we were selling our home. We would highly recommend For Sale by Owner as everything we needed was supplied to us.
We found the experience one we would recommend to others considering selling. We had numerous enquires from both realestate.com.au and domain.com.au and are happy to say we have happy buyers. We think of the money we saved in commission and the process was well supported by For Sale by Owner.
For Sale By Owner Reviews: Glenys Maisey

Glenys Maisey
Gidgegannup, WA

This property is my second that I have used For Sale By Owner, I found it extremely easy to do, my home opens were when I wanted them, I didn’t have to coordinate with an agent, people viewing seemed to appreciate the personal touch, selling when the industry was in a downturn but not having to pay commission, enabled us to drop our price to ensure a sale. I would certainly use them again.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Michela

Bakers Creek, NSW

A huge thanks to the For Sale By Owner team! This is our second home sold via FSBO.

We got the price we wanted and saved thousands in commission.

We recommend FSBO to anyone considering selling their own home.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Remo and Elva Rossi

Remo and Elva Rossi
Bayview Heights, QLD

We would like to thank the team at For Sale by Owner for their efforts in assisting us to sell our home.

From the beginning, they were very helpful when we were listing our property.  We were happy with our large For Sale sign which attracted a lot of attention, and the access to realestate.com and domain, together with facebook gave us excellent exposure to the public.

Very happy with the whole experience.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Nathan & Priscilla Flynn

Nathan & Priscilla Flynn
Brighton East, VIC

Thank you For Sale By Owner!

My wife and I couldn’t recommend FSBO enough! We decided to sell our apartment ourselves because other friends had suggested trying. The process was so simple. Once we set it up online, the photographer came within 2 days and the photos were stunning! 

We had it on the market for 7 weeks before we sold it! We choose the inspection days & times and the feedback we received from the people inspecting was extremely positive and professional. Not to mention saving over $20,000 in agent fees!

If you are thinking of selling, get in touch with Paul and the team! You won’t regret it!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Jodie Heise

Jodie Heise
Craiglie, QLD

We found selling our home through forsalebyowner.com.au simple & effective. Staff were prompt in responding to any queries. We enjoyed having the ease & ability with uploading photos & adjusting details when we required. Not having to pay unnecessary Commission was a bonus.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Simone Libeau

Simone Libeau
Seddon, VIC

We had a fantastic experience selling our home using For Sale by Owner! The process was easy and amazing value. Our package included professional photography which made a huge difference to the quality of our ad. Our home was only on the market for a week before we held our first open house, and we accepted a great offer the following day.

After our ad went live we were contacted by a couple of local real estate agents offering to send us buyers in return for selling through them. Luckily we told them we wanted to give it a go ourselves and are so excited to have saved thousands in commission!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Andrew Harmer

Andrew Harmer
Blackburn, VIC

We had a great experience using For Sale By Owner, with a successful sale going through just 9 days after being listed!

Staff were very responsive to any queries and action items.

It’s a great opportunity to save some money on agent fees, but would only recommend if the seller:

– is capable and confident enough to field and manage buyer inquiries and the process of handling negotiations and purchase offers.
– has the time available to manage the above work.
– has absolute confidence in their asking price and done extensive research and monitoring of the market to ensure it’s accuracy.

The sale of a property does involve a lot of money after all and generally the biggest single financial transaction in people’s lives.

However, our experience was a good one, and I would recommend the service for those comfortable with the above.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Catherine Graham

Catherine Graham
Beenleigh, QLD

I highly recommend forsalebyowner.com.au to sell your property. This is the fourth property we have sold privately after having two of these properties with real estate agents for over a year each with no success. We have used a different RE & Domain Advertising provider for each of these sales and my experience through forsalebyowner.com.au has been the best so far. The portal is easy to use and everything you need to action on your listing is in the portal. I have had issues in the past with other providers due to their internal processes where I had to pay to update listings, they manually put data in domain/RE and they listed it at an incorrect price, advertisement wasn’t removed until 6 months after the listing sold. I had no problems with forsalebyowner.com.au and as it was all online I didn’t have to speak to anyone to get what I needed done. The contract process is not daunting at all, our conveyancer prefilled out our contracts free of charge and wrote up easy to follow instructions so our contracts were iron clad and clear.

My suggestions for successful sales are to:

Know what price the market is prepared to pay and make sure that matches your expectations (this also means buyers valuation will come through).

Stage the property and make sure you remove excess furniture and clutter (this helps photos and also means buyers feel the space when they inspect).

Hire a professional photographer and pay the extra for twilight photography, it is worth it.

Using the 3 strategies above all four properties we have listed and sold were under contract within 2 days of the listing going live. The quickest turnaround for a contract I have had is twilight photos on a Monday night, received the files by email on Tuesday midday, listing was live by 3pm, buyer rang at 4pm, inspected at 5pm and a contract was signed that night. The quickest turnaround from listing the advertisement to settlement funds in our account has been 21 days. Whilst some buyers have enquired about the process of how to purchase with a private sale, any concerns they may have, quickly disappear when they realise that it is a standard sale contract and the deposit goes into our lawyers trust account.

They quickly appreciate the convenience of speaking directly with the owner so inspections date/times can be agreed on the spot, also it means you can literally have them walk through and sign a contract at the inspection because you can discuss and agree on the price there and then. I have found the people that buy make that decision pretty quickly (often because they have been looking for months) and are ready to sign there and then.

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