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For Sale By Owner Reviews: Steve Bingham

Steve Bingham
Nubeena, TAS

Hi For Sale By Owner, thanks for everything, you have really helped, I am happy to have successfully sold my land through you. Your service has been great. After I have been with 3 realestate agents, this way has been much better.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Nicole Nelson

Nicole Nelson
Port Denison, WA

For only $700 we were able to easily list our property on www.realestate.com.au and instantly had enquiries. We sold our house in only three weeks. The team at forsalebyowner were extremely efficient at responding to us and the process was a breeze. I’d highly recommend it.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Peter and Mary Allott

Peter and Mary Allott
Torbanlea, QLD

Agents believe they can be the only people to get a result in the selling of our houses. Wrong, after two Agents and two contracts falling over we had enough. For us the obvious choice was For Sale by Owner. If then a problem arose we could be the only people who could take the blame. After all we knew all about our house, where the water ran after rain, where the sun shone the most etc.

Colin and the team were great, the signs appeared very quickly and our add posted. Helped with the photos etc. And pretty soon we were on our way. This part of Australia (Fraser Coast Qld) doing it a little tough at the moment but we soon has quite a few enquiries and people doing inspections.

Some people still had to find a buyer for their house, some didn’t really find our house just right for them but at last we have found just the right people and so 4 different families will have their lives changed forever. We will never use an Agent again..

Best regards to you all at For sale by Owner

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Coleen Mccabe

Coleen Mccabe
Yorkeys Knob, QLD

Only way to sell a house with “FOR SALE BY OWNER”
Less stressful and hassle free with no commission to be paid!!!

A bonus for seller and buyer.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Stephen Digby

Stephen Digby
Camberwell, VIC

I would highly recommend for salebyowner.com.au. We obtained appraisals from real estate agents that gave us optimistic estimates of what we could get by selling through them. They were very helpful, but the price for their services and the advertising seemed excessive. As we were in no hurry to sell, we chose to try forsalebyowner and see if we could avoid these charges. forsalebyowner were very helpful and efficient and responded to all our queries personally and quickly. Most people we know were perplexed, amused or even worried about this departure from the accepted wisdom for Melbourne of an expensive auction.

Nearly all buyers (especially if interstate or overseas) use the internet to find property in addition to estate agent recommendations. We found the visibility on real.estate.com.au and domain.com was excellent. Forsalebyowner provides a range of additional advice, but we hired a quality wide-angle camera and did our own photography, and designed our own brochure.

One strategy we discovered, was to schedule our open for inspection slightly earlier than other properties thus jumping us to the top of inspection lists on that day. Of course, we had the contract and Victorian Vendors Statement (S32) prepared by a solicitor before advertising as most genuinely interested buyers wanted a digital copy sent to them for careful reading.

We also sent followup SMS’s to all those who inspected the property. We set our price above the real estate agents appraisals so that we would have some flexibility during negotiation. We completed negotiation and signed in our solicitor’s office for maximum peace of mind. The price we obtained was above the estate agents estimates.

The decision to have a go at selling our own property was a difficult one. We wondered whether we were doing the right thing. Now on the other side of this experience, we would have no hesitation in recommending firstly selling your own property and secondly ‘For Sale By Owner’ have made the whole experience a pleasure which resulted in a great sale price in a tough market.

Numerous potential buyers commented that they were over agents and congratulated us for having a go. We would certainly use FSBO again if we were selling another property.

Go for it, and all the best.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Pauline Waugh

Pauline Waugh
Mosman, NSW

Thank you Colin and your team at For Sale by Owner for providing this excellent service. Not only did I find the FSBO system far less stressful than using an agent throughout the whole marketing process, but I also sold the property for a lot more than the sale price quoted by various agents.

The excellent sale price was also influenced by using an excellent auctioneer, Charlie Powell from Under the Hammer.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Sandi Brown

Sandi Brown
Coomera Waters, QLD

I sold my house recently through For Sale By Owner. I am a very straight and honest person and thought that there must be a better way than going through real estate agents.

I received two offers within 4 weeks and found the process quite easy and empowering. I saved $20,000 in commission and was in control of the process.

Tell all my friends to do the same!

We are thrilled to say that we have sold our investment house. Within three days we had an offer and one week later finance was approved; so today we put the SOLD sticker on the board.

This is our second property we have sold privately; the one previously was 9 years ago in the height of the market in WA, so we simply advertised a Home Open and had an offer that afternoon. With the expansion of the internet and the decline in the market, we decided this time to list with For Sale By Owner and it has proven to be a winner!

We gave the house a mini makeover; painted throughout, new carpets and some window treatments; this, plus making sure the lawns and gardens were in good condition; made the house very attractive to prospective buyers. In fact, once the offer was accepted, we notified the other people who had booked viewing appointments and they said if for some reason the sale did not go ahead, would we please let them know as they were still very interested in the house. Without fail, they all said how they preferred to communicate with the owner, rather than an agent. We are thrilled for the young person who bought our house and the rapport we have with him, would not have happened if a third party had been involved.

If anyone is considering selling privately, please do so, there is nothing to be feared. We have a great Settlement Agent who we have dealt with on several occasions, so it is very important to enlist their services. Also, PRESENTATION AND PRICE; do some work so your property is presented very well; do your homework so it is priced correctly; and before you know it, you too will have your house SOLD.

The FSBO team have been very efficient and most helpful, with all our queries answered quickly and professionally. The bottom line is JUST DO IT, list with FSBO and enjoy the experience and the benefit of not having to pay an Estate Agent fee; more dollars in your pocket is always a bonus.

Cheers and many thanks to the Team

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Tom and Jill Langston

Tom and Jill Langston
West Ulverstone, TAS

Thanks For Sale By Owner, You provided us with all the tools we needed to get our home sold!

Communicating with you was great and such an easy task to update our advert.

Highly recommended!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Amanda Hill

Amanda Hill
Berkeley Vale, NSW

Once again we have sold our house quickly using your brand and assistance.

Thank you. You are true to what you promote, do and sell.

Our second house sold within 2 days after the first open home. Even better than our first home which sold in a week.

We highly recommend FSBO. There is no other alternative.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Mark Waterman

Mark Waterman
Lower Mitcham, SA

I originally had my property for sale with an agent but found that I wasn’t being told the true story and that they look at a 3 month quick turnaround. My property was one of the biggest in the area and I needed to wait for the right buyer who was prepared to see its value.

For Sale by Owner gave me the flexibility and time to do that plus the ability to fine tuning the ad from their
I didn’t use a For Sale sign on the property, so no nosy neighbours and no one to know when I had sold.
The 2 other main areas that FSBO helped with was to keep content small and by setting the price on their site on the between figure of searching prices, I was appealing to 2 groups of buyers even though showing a higher asking price.

Appreciated all your help!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Stephen and Jenny Ward

Stephen and Jenny Ward
Peak Hill, NSW

Our sincere thanks go to the team at ‘For sale By Owner’. We have had the best experience with selling property for the first time with the help from the team at “For sale by owner”.

They have made the initial advertising and set up such an easy process. And to our surprise, Our property received hits of interest within hours of going live on the websites. From one of these, we have secured a sale for our property. And the best of all… ‘No Real Estate commissions’!! Just 1 initial reasonable setup fee.

Thank you team! We will definitely be using your services again!!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Claudia Richards

Claudia Richards
Mount Compass, SA

After 7 months of being listed with a Real Estate company and not selling our home, we decided to list with forsalebyowner and sold our house within 2 weeks.

I would highly recommend forsalebyowner for their great customer service and professionalism. We saved loads of money by selling our home by ourselves the people that know the house the most.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Phil and Linda Gaunt

Phil and Linda Gaunt
Deviot, TAS

After trying to sell our property over a period of time using two different reputable agents we found the process to be very frustrating due to their lack of commitment and poor service.

We then decided to list with forsalebyowner because this not only gave use a listing on relevant websites but saved us thousands of dollars in commission allowing us to sell at a slightly lower price to secure a buyer.

We found the welcome pack and signage excellent and would use the service again when selling our next property.

Selling the house through forsalebyowner was a great experience. The website is very user-friendly, setting up the ad and making up the brochures was a walk in the park and with it being linked to Real estate .com and Domain gives you a wide exposure in the market.

The app from this site is a handy bit of kit as you get any enquiries sent to your phone instantly. The service provided by the staff was also very good with all enquiries being answered promptly. All in all a very easy experience selling our home.

Thank you for all your help.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Laura Hall

Laura Hall
Gillen, NT

We had a very positive experience selling our home through For Sale By Owner. The package was very easy to use and the signs arrived quickly despite our remote location.

It felt excellent to sell the property ourselves and not involve an agent. Why not, since we were the ones who knew the house best and had to do all the work to get it ready to sell?

We were lucky to accept an offer after only the second open.

I would highly recommend trying For Sale By Owner.

We would like to say a great BIG Thank you to the FSBO team and Collin for his support throughout our experience.

We were lucky enough to sell our home within the first 2 weeks of hitting the market. At the end of the day its not a real estate agent that sells a home, the home sells itself. You may save yourself thousands so give it a go!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Michelle Houliston

Michelle Houliston
Morningside, QLD

I am happy to share that we have sold our property! We definitely believe that selling our own property was very worthwhile. Not only for the massive savings on commission but also being able to control the whole process ourselves and have direct contact with potential buyers. We felt this took a lot of the stress out of the selling experience that comes along with using a ‘middle man’ real estate agent. We also used the money we saved on commission to arrange professional staging and photography in our property, which helped us achieve a much better price.

We thought For Sale By Owner was excellent value for money, and the text alerts and your own log-in and ‘dashboard’ to change details at any time was fantastic. I am definitely recommending you and ‘private selling’ to everyone I know!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Irene Dash

Irene Dash
Sunrise Beach QLD

Firstly, I would like to thank you for all your expert advice and guidance. I could not have sold the land by myself without your help so for this alone, I am extremely grateful. I am so happy to have used your services, as it has helped me sell my land, without having to deal with agents and their fees.

Your system works to perfection. The exposure on Realestate.com.au and Domain.com has a fantastic response. The system used for forwarding inquiries, (contacted firstly by a text message from FSBO as well as an email with a phone number and email address of the prospective buyer), has been excellent. I was often contacted by phone minutes after your text message. This enabled me to be in contact with the buyer and answer any questions, as well as emails with specific information. I was amazed to see how much interest there was in my land. I had two other serious buyers contacting me until the contract went unconditional, hoping the contract didn’t go through.

Thank you for your invaluable help and advice in all aspects of my campaign. I would highly recommend using For Sale By Owner and would not hesitate to use your services again.

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