For Sale By Owner Review

Adam Fry - Barfold, VIC

For Sale By Owner Review: Adam Fry - Barfold, VIC

I can’t recommend For Sale By Owner highly enough.  Firstly, the website is so intuitive that you never feel overwhelmed or in need of help.  Vital stuff!  Updates to your and Domain listings are seamless.  Most importantly, while not having an agent confuses some buyers, there is almost unanimous approval when they visit the property for a personal inspection by the people that know it best.  

When selling a large rural property where there is a lot to learn besides just looking at the house, this is a real asset.  Answering questions about every aspect of the property is just something an agent (for whom the property would be one of many) would be incapable of doing and that’s no help to a purchaser.  In fact, the experience we had with the agent when buying our property in the first place, was perhaps the worst example of customer service I have ever experienced.  

The only tough part is being firm when negotiating the final price as you don’t have an impartial third party acting in your interest and you know the purchaser, so that can be tricky, but at the same time, engenders a level of trust that no agent could hope to achieve.  Having personal control of the process from start to finish and not being hassled and confused by agents also makes the sale process so much more pleasant.  

Say goodbye to greedy agents forever.  They are redundant.  FSBO is the future.

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