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Information for Private Sellers Upgrades

If you are looking to increase your prominence and position when advertising privately on there are a few paid-for options available. You may have noticed as new properties are listed in your suburb these appear above existing, older listings. An upgraded listing, while active,... Read More keyboard_arrow_right

For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner is an Australian company that allows people to sell their properties privately, without using a traditional real estate agent. Founded in 2010, it is one of Australia’s longest-running private real estate businesses. For Sale By Owner’s main office is based in... Read More keyboard_arrow_right

Advertise on Without an Agent

If you’re looking to advertise your property on privately without using a traditional real estate agent, this is now possible. Here are 7 things to know about getting listed and advertising your house, apartment, block of land, or any other type of residential property on... Read More keyboard_arrow_right

Why Sell Your House Privately?

The are numerous benefits to selling your house or any other kind of property privately, without using a real estate agent. For Sale By Owner provides vendors with all the resources and tools needed to sell privately and to attain just as much exposure as a real estate would be able... Read More keyboard_arrow_right

How To Sell Your Over 55 Lifestyle Village Unit

If you are considering selling your over 55’s lifestyle village unit, there are a few things to consider about getting started. Firstly, do you know if you are entitled to advertise your unit ‘privately’ yourself or are you obligated to use the Villages Operator for all real estate... Read More keyboard_arrow_right

How To Sell Your Own Home

If you’ve decided to sell your home yourself, here are some steps that you may like to consider. Selling your own home in Australia is perfectly legal and not complicated, but it is important that you formulate a clear strategy and consider the various elements of your marketing campaign in order... Read More keyboard_arrow_right
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