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For Sale By Owner Reviews: Molly Li

Molly Li
Wright, ACT

The selling experience is surely a positive one. The SMS/email notification system kept me connected with potential buyers, but with no compromise of my normal daily life. We, as the seller, had full control of the sale, and could negotiate directly with the buyer. It gives us a better sale result without paying ridiculous commission fee.

The FSBO provide not only a user friendly platform but also timely responses. For sure, I will use FSBO to sell my property again, and recommend it to others who are thinking about selling.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Evelyn Pettigrew

Evelyn Pettigrew
Tomerong, NSW

After over thirty years, it was time to downsize from the family home – the only home we had ever owned. I did my research, interviewed a few real estate agents and finally decided to become an owner vendor.

Forsalebyowner stood out amongst the online agents as far as value for money and professionalism so I engaged them to assist. What they offered far exceeded my expectations. Throughout the sale period they were always available by phone and email to support and coach this novice vendor through the vagaries of property sales – editing my ad, roleplaying me thru my first offer, ensuring I keep my sites set on the business deal and no to get distracted by the emotional aspects of selling your own property. Their expertise and support never failed to impress.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Danny Azo

Danny Azo
Oran park, NSW

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the assistance provided during the sale of our block of land.

Within 3 weeks, we had a great offer of $408,000 and have now exchanged contracts and going through settlement. Can you please list the property as SOLD on all associated websites which would prove as a great marketing tool for your company!! I have placed the SOLD sticker on the sale sign and have put it in the contract that this sign remains until after settlement.

I cannot do anything more than praise For Sale By Owner’s effectiveness in attracting many potential buyers through their portal. The number of esquires continues to amaze me (Even after sale)!! The whole process was an ease and the fact that we have saved over $15,000 on unnecessary realestate commissions is a massive bonus. I would honestly highly recommend anyone looking at selling or renting their property to strongly consider doing it themselves through For Sale by Owner.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: April Robinson

April Robinson
Bellamack, NT

My experience with using For Sale By Owner to sell my property was FANTASTIC. I was able to control the advertising style of the property and felt really supported by the For Sale By Owner team throughout the entire process.

I found the overall experience of selling my property, with the help of For Sale By Owner, extremely rewarding. I saved thousands of dollars by choosing to not sell the property through an agent!!!

I would recommend using the services of For Sale By Owner to everyone, prior to putting your property in the hands of an agent!

The process was SO easy (and I am not very technically mined). All I had to do was complete the online form and upload the photos and my add was complete and loaded onto realestate.com.au. Amazingly my property sold within 4 weeks of being up on the website. Thank you For Sale By Owner for assisting me in the process of selling my house!!!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Don Hann

Don Hann
Wynnum, QLD

This property sold after 6 months. The market was obviously slow as very few people were introduced to it by Real Estate Agents. Interestingly properties near us, offered by agents, are still yet to sell. We had several parties come and inspect all of whom liked the property but for various reasons declined to make an offer.

We were in no hurry and just the right family came along, saw it and bought it. No hassles, no agents, no exorbitant fees for little or no effort on agents behalf. All good. I have recommended to several friends that they consider selling via FBSO as it was painless and profitable.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Mandy Jorias

Mandy Jorias
Paralowie, SA

My experience with For sale by owner was a very positive one. It was money well spent and I enjoyed having control of my advertisement on realestate.com.au and how easy it was to log in and make any adjustments to the advert. I found the signing up/setting up process all quite straight forward.

Also it was great having the automated e-mail/sms notification for any inquiries, and there were several. I certainly wouldn’t have had the same exposure if I had continued trying to sell all by myself without having my advert on realestate.com.au which is what resulted in a successful sale. I was so pleased being able to do so without having to pay commission to an agent.

I certainly would recommend for sale by owner to anyone looking at selling their property privately.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Francis and Marie Meehan

Francis and Marie Meehan
Meadow Springs, WA

Thank you for an easy route to selling our home. We were a little sceptical at first, but couldn’t believe how easy the whole process was. We saved quite a bit of money and you were there to answer any questions we had. Over all a great experience and if we are to sell again in the future we will definitely be using you guys again.

Best of luck and thanks guys.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Sarah Batty

Sarah Batty
East side, NT

I found the For Sale By Owner process fantastic. The setting up of my listing was easy and very user friendly, I liked that I was in control of the listing and had the ability to update and re-edit if required. If I had a question then the service from For Sale By Owner was effective and prompt.

It was easy to contact and communicate with staff, who I always felt had the Seller’s best interests at the heart of their business. An empowering way to sell your property and given that you are the expert of your property this makes perfect sense.

Such a great way to sell your property without paying incredibly high commission rates with agents and therefore you have greater flexibility when receiving offers. I would completely recommend For Sale By Owner to anyone wanting to take ownership of selling their home, a great service and the way of the future.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Avril Baxter

Avril Baxter
Torquay, VIC

I just wanted to say a belated thanks to the team at For Sale By Owner and to recommend their service to anyone looking to sell their property privately. It often takes much longer to sell a house in rural areas than it would in a metropolitan suburb (some homes take more than a year to sell in our Vic Surf Coast town), but it took only two months to sell our house.

Our sale price was much more than the top likely prices estimated by a number of experienced local real estate agents, and we saved over $20,000 in commission and advertising costs by selling privately. For Sale By Owner’s system was relatively easy to use and the support team members were always happy to help if we had any queries. There’s definitely still a place for great real estate agents, but if you are considering selling privately, I highly recommend you talk with the team at For Sale By Owner.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Annette Stenberg

Annette Stenberg
Glenelg North, SA

My experience with Sold By the Owner was a 100% positive one, and I would recommend them to anyone any day! I mainly spoke with Simon, and he was always very prompt, positive and helpful to my MANY enquiries. To make the decision to sell the home privately, without using what many Believe is the ONLY way to sell a house, through a real estate agent, is a difficult

one. In particular since many of the people around you are likely to suggest to use a real estate. After all, it’s such an important affair to sell a home. Which is exactly the reason we choose to sell privately. It was our home, and in my view, I was the best person to sell it.

Thanks to Sold By the Owner, the decision to not use a real estate was made easier. And the process of selling my house was easy, enjoyable and very rewarding. I must admit that my house is located in a popular area, and is also a unique, practical and Beautiful home, which of course helped to sell it quickly. But, in my view, with the help of Sold By the Owner, everything done to prepare the house, including creating the flyers and brochures and photo board (you actually have to be prepared to do some work :-), the process was identical to the one done by professional sales people. The biggest difference is that I know much more about my home than anyone else. And that helps!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Melanie Eleonora

Melanie Eleonora
Lesmurdie, WA

Last year we had our property listed with two different agents over a period of 7 months. We only received one written offer well below our “reserve” price… This year we took a chance on re-listing our home with For Sale By Owner. We sold it today, after only having it on the market for 8 WEEKS!! We were able to negotiate directly with the buyers on sale price and mutual settlement arrangements.

Yes, you need to acquire your own sale contracts ($2.50 from REIWA) but other than that it’s super easy and stress free. We would use For Sale By Owner again, no doubt about it!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Paul Sherlock

Paul Sherlock
Marrickville, NSW

Sold my unit at the second open house!! Fantastic! No SOLD sign because the unit went so quickly I didn’t have time to get it!

For Sale by Owner did the key things I couldn’t do like get my ad onto Domain et al and providing professional photos. They also treated any requests with the utmost urgency and acted on them. This gave confidence and a feeling of being supported …which is really important.

It’s great to have a service like Sale by Owner when doing a task that can sometimes feel a bit daunting.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Trent Atkinson

Trent Atkinson
Leschenault, WA

Just Sold my property on FSBO. It was easy and the support of FSBO when required was excellent. Even potential buyers commented on the quick responses from FSBO compared to some non return calls from real estate agents.

Contact of sale was provided by my settlement agency and they explained how to fill out and also checked before final signing.(buyers settlement agency also checked over so all parties were happy it was filled out correctly.) Basically copied the one from when first brought house with a few changes. No one seemed put of by you selling yourself and you could answer any questions that they had that the real estate agentd would most likely would not know on the spot.Saved over $20,000 selling myself.

Well worth the time and for the time spent worked out at a great hourly rate of pay.Home opens could be done when you wanted to and to be at times when other properties in the area were also opened.Any viewings requested we could accommodate asap to fit in with both parties.

Only hassle was the few negative realestate sharks trying to get your business and telling you that they had buyers that wanted to view your property and that selling yourself won’t work (Some though did wish you luck.) Dont give in. In all a very happy experience.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Daniel and Beth Gilfillan

Daniel and Beth Gilfillan
West Moonah, TAS

We were very pleased with the service provided by forsalebyowner. We were pleased with the interest in the property. We sold it easily, for a price we were happy with, and without the expense or hassle of dealing with a real estate agent.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: David Mckay

David Mckay
Tottenham, NSW

I advertised through forsalebyowner.com and received 30 enquiries in two months. By three months, the house was sold.

Enquiries came from all over Australia, and even one from the U.S. And to think that I did not need to pay an estate agent fee. I would definitely recommend that others do it this way.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Michael Wang

Michael Wang
Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

This is the second time I sell my property with forsalebyowner. Yeah, it is very easy to sell a property by owner.

I got many enquiry from www.realestate.com.au and www.domain.com.au. Then you just reply the email or answer some calls. I only open for inspection 2 times to get the buyer. Buyer also like to deal with owner, because the price is lower than from agent.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Gavan Darragh

Gavan Darragh
Lilydale, VIC

In my view, this is the only way to sell your property. It’s not until you go through the FSBO experience, you realise how little real estate agents do for their ridiculous commissions. We saved $8,000 just on agent commission alone. You don’t need to be super confident to do it either, just organised and interested in selling your property, plus its a real kick getting emails from people interested in your property!

Buyers love dealing with owners directly. Nearly every potential buyer I spoke to told me this and also how relaxed and comfortable they were not having to ‘play the game’ through agents. More importantly, who knows more about your property than you do – you simply are the best person to talk knowledgeable about your property to buyers.

If you want to save thousands and show people that there is an alternative to the disorganised and unethical mess which is the traditional real estate industry – then use this service, you won’t be disappointed.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: William Pretlove

William Pretlove
Nightcliff, NT

I found your service second to none. I am very happy with all aspects from advertising the house to finally selling it.

Your site will be the first I consider when selling another house and I would have no problem recommending your business to anyone selling a house or property — well done folks and good work.

We are so excited to have sold our home, we couldn’t wait to stick the SOLD sticker on! We recommend any home owner wishing to sell their home use Forsalebyowner.

It was so EASY right from the start! Not to mention the HUGE SAVINGS on agents fees! We will definitely be using Forsalebyowner again when the time comes…

Thanks to your wonderful team.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Jeff Kruse

Jeff Kruse
Glenside, SA

It was straightforward to create the advertisement with a description and pictures for realestate.com.au and very simple to change details whenever needed.

Using forsalebyowner.com.au, we saved well over $10,000 compared to the advertising costs and commission a real estate agent would have charged.