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For Sale By Owner Reviews: Judy and Rocky Bartolo

Judy and Rocky Bartolo
Taranna, TAS

We have recently sold our property through listing with For Sale by Owner and would recommend this method to others considering selling their property. It was easy to register, upload photos and edit the “for sale post” at any time. We even had a link to a video clip on you tube with drone footage of our property to help promote the sale (which is something many real estate agents are offering at considerable expense).

The sign was also easy to design and very professional looking. We knew our property would take some time to sell being a niche property well above the median price in the immediate neighbourhood – however we were confident that a buyer would come along looking for a property like ours!

By listing with For Sale by Owner we were never under pressure to drop our asking price or spend additional money on advertising. We saved a lot of money than if we had listed with an agent with their high commission and advertising packages.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Chantel Hartman

Chantel Hartman
Bilambil Heights, NSW

Selling my property through For Sale By Owner was fairly simple and straightforward.

The staff were always friendly and helpful whenever I would phone for advice, whether it be about negotiating with people, or listing price etc. They would also respond via email or return call pretty quickly.

Enquiries were sent straight to my phone via text and email, which was really easy to respond to.
If you have the time to show people through your home yourself and want to save thousands on agent fees then this is definitely the way to go!

You don’t miss out on enquires or interest as your property is listed on all the same websites as with an agency.
Also, my for sale sign arrived via courier about 12hrs after signing up, so I didn’t have to wait around for anything!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: The McLindon Family

The McLindon Family
Moama, NSW

FSBO was hassle-free and cost-effective. Enquiries were instantaneous and we sold our block within 7 weeks of listing it. This process totally empowered us as the seller and allows you to instigate discussions and make transactions on your terms making it very straight-forward. Not sure if there’s a better way to sell real estate these days…”.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Greg Keen

Greg Keen
Bellbridge, VIC

We’ve been very impressed with the service offered by forsalebyowner.com.au and also in the great value for money.

As a side note: It would be great if Realestate.com.au and Domain would amend their search criteria so that buyers could search within a Km range of a postcode (like carsales.com.au etc). This would allow buyer to easily search for properties close to the location they know or prefer. In our case the main centres for people to search would be Albury (2640) or Wodonga (3690) but our village, Bellbridge (3691) which is 15Km away, would never be found by a potential buyer without have a thorough knowledge of the region. So for “treechangers” from Melbourne or Sydney they would never find our property.

None the less we’re rapt that we found your service and sold our home with limited fuss. FYI the buyer drove around our village saw our sign and then went to your website to view the listing.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Angela Dean

Angela Dean
Gosford, NSW

The experience I have had in selling my unit through this website has been such a positive one; I’m actually short of having enough words of praise to do the team at ForSaleByOwner justice.

From the first step; the service has been so highly professional! Never a minute to think twice about
my decision. Every element of the process was a breeze. Making the brochure was easy as, and
was so eye-catching: equal or even better than some real estates. Responses from the prospective buyers was so positive: people love dealing directly with the owner. I can’t help but being a walking advertisement now for anyone I get a chance to tell of my experience; and to pass on the information of how to sell a home (through this site), if it ever comes a time for them, or anyone they know. Not one person has indicated they wouldn’t give it a go.

To finish: all I can say is what others have said – One must be crazy to pass over so much needless money to
real estate agents, if you have a computer! One really doesn’t have to be very computer savvy – Again: it’s just so easy! The immediate sms and email with buyers details is brilliant. That it goes on both Real Estate.com and Domain and their own site is simply awesome. I lost count of the responses.

I had a buyer at the first Open Home, and achieved more than agents predicted.
So very grateful to all behind this superb endeavour! THANK YOU!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Laura Lofts

Laura Lofts
Wengenville, QLD

Thank you so much ‘For sale by owner’ not only did you save us money by not paying a real estate but we could tell the new owner all about the property as we knew it off by heart, this made a HUGE difference. All the people who viewed our property – made an offer. We’ll use you again for our next one.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Greg and Nancy Johnson

Greg and Nancy Johnson
Turondale, NSW

For sale by Owner provides everyone with a great opportunity to save money and sell their own property. We sold a farm with 30 acres which was approximately 30km from a major town. Agents are reluctant to drive the distance and we found that because we knew the property so well, we actually were in a better position to provide accurate and timely information to prospective buyers.

From the moment we listed the property on for sale by owner, we received lots of enquiries. The contact people at For sale by owner are great, willing to help and very prompt at answering questions. The price to list a property is reasonable and we will definitely use this company to sell our next property.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Rhonda Tibbertsma

Rhonda Tibbertsma
Banora Point, NSW

To all the team at For Sale By Owner:

A huge thankyou for the opportunity to sell my home through your website. Everything worked out well and I accepted an offer after only 4 days on the net.

The price was good and I will certainly be spreading the word about this alternate way of selling a home.
Thanks heaps!!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Bahram Missaghian

Bahram Missaghian
Richmond, NSW

I have sold many homes before but what a waste of money paid in commission I had an inspection at 8 pm and 10 pm no agent will do this for you I recommend this method of sales to everyone as you are in charge you make changes online anytime as many times as you wish.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Steve Capeness

Steve Capeness
Tewantin, QLD

We left Australia about 6 weeks ago and had a friend look after the open houses. More testament to the fact that selling your own home is easy. We made a few mistakes in the beginning and have learnt from it. As we are still away overseas we can’t send a photo yet but we will !! And a glowing testimonial.

Thanks for your help, appreciated the experience and the savings (around $10,000 after all the advertising and other costs).

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Debbie Ratcliff

Debbie Ratcliff
Erskine, WA

After a long settlement, the home has now settled, yippee.
I would just like to say how impressed I was with the service you have given us during our selling time.
You made it a very easy process and if we were selling again would most definitely use you.
Thank you for all your efforts

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Alan and Sandy Lukic

Alan and Sandy Lukic
Woodcroft, NSW

Listing with an agent for 5 months while they were playing sabotaging games with each other and now going through your site we sold in 3 weeks and $20,000 in front.

Our property should settle on 28 March.

I’m very happy with the outcome. We will be using your site from now on.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Jeanette Digby

Jeanette Digby
Glenroy, VIC

Sold in 2 weeks!  This is the second time I’ve used this website.  Thankyou “For Sale by Owner,” you made it Too Easy and saved me a small fortune!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Joe Tooma

Joe Tooma
Wooloowin, QLD

Thanks so much to all of you at FOR SALE BY OWNER, this is the third time I’ve had a great result and so promptly because of listing our property for sale & rent with you. Frankly, it has been so much less stressful than previously when we had to deal with Real Estate agents. All the way along my wife and I knew where we stood when dealing directly with potential buyers and, on this occasion, renters.

The people (there were a lot more than I expected) who responded to our ad seemed very friendly, relaxed and easy to deal with when they found out they were dealing with the owner directly. Thanks for helping us to be in control and thanks for being there whenever we had a question.

I wish I could tell everyone to give FOR SALE BY OWNER a go!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Peter Greenaway

Peter Greenaway
Brown Hill, VIC

We decided to use For Sale By Owner when we did not have any success with local agents.

As we had already paid over $2600 to an agent for no result, this method was extremely inexpensive. It was easy to set up and manage, and we had instant enquiries. People were also very happy not to have to deal with an agent and be able to speak with the owner directly about the property.

I would certainly use this service again.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Doug and Desiree James

Doug and Desiree James
Tailem Bend, SA

Listing with ForSaleByOwner was an excellent idea. The team at For Sale By Owner were always on hand to answer any questions we had and would particularly like to thank Colin.

We saved over $10,000 in advertising fees from the local agents and we got far more than the local agents had valued our property for. Being your own real-estate agent was a real advantage. We knew our property inside and out, it’s previous history and all the improvements we had done ourselves.

We were so impressed with FSBO we recommended them to our friend. She placed her property with FSBO and, again, got far more for her property than the local real-estate agents quoted and she is now Under Contract.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Tonya McMahon

Tonya McMahon
Wynnum, QLD

My experience with forsalebyowner was excellent. Cheap, easy, efficient, helpful and successful wraps up this company. I highly recommend forsalebyowner to anyone else who, like myself, wishes to sell their home themselves.

I express endless gratitude to forsalebyowner for the ease of which I sold my home.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Glenn and Linda Tepper

Glenn and Linda Tepper
Byron Bay, NSW

We have now used “ForSaleByOwner” on multiple occasions to both sell and rent our properties.
On each occasion, the service has been first class, prompt, efficient and easy to follow.

Thanks, Colin and team.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Lynne Brown

Lynne Brown
Seacombe Heights, SA

Choosing to use “For Sale by owner” for the sale of my property was the best decision I could have made. It was easy to follow the instructions on their site, with templates for designing ads and brochures to assist with advertising and promotion. I also appreciated the option of choosing either a cheaper for sale sign or more expensive one and being able to take and upload my own photos rather than paying an expensive photographer.

I also did a letterbox drop around the area of my brochures. I only had to hold 3 opens before having an offer I accepted. The whole process was dealt with quickly and easily. I have saved myself approximately $15,000 in agent fees and couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend the use of “For Sale by Owner” by anyone to sell their property.

For me, the decision was easy as the cost for their process is so small compared to agent fees why not just have a go. You have only a small amount to lose if you can’t sell it yourself and a lot to gain!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Shirley Macfarlane

Shirley Macfarlane
Wallan, VIC

My husband’s brother and his wife sold in Tasmania recently through FSBO after many months of no success with traditional methods. They recommended FSBO to my husband and he suggested we use it for the sale of our house. Achieving the house sale was my project and I was reluctant to try it given a less than professional knowledge of computers and limited time to devote to an unknown process.

However, I succeeded in setting up the advertisement with little trouble and my husband took the photos. I had occasion to call FSBO once and email a couple of times to make sure I was on the right track. All communications were attended to promptly and courteously.

We had 4 inspections in the first week and 3 good offers. The process through FSBO was simple and successful. We were not really prepared to handle the multiple offers so early in the marketing phase and we were very fortunate to get to contract stage within the first fortnight.

I am not sure how much money we have saved using FSBO, however, it is a considerable amount for very little effort and a lot of good luck.

Thank You.

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