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We were absolutely delighted with the support and advice that we received from the team at For Sale by Owner. Their advice, support and technical assistance were excellent and highly professional. The advertising packages that they offered were very reasonable and excellent value for money, being much less than our Agent had been seeking.

We thoroughly enjoyed the process of selling our own home ourselves. We had complete control over the sale process from the appointment to view the property, to the signing of the contract. We were able to answer fully, any questions that were put to us by potential purchasers, as no one knew our property as well as we did. One of the biggest advantages for us was that every person who made an appointment to view our home was a genuine buyer. There were no “tyre kickers” who came just for a sticky beak. We were relieved that we did not have an Agent pestering us to conduct a series of open houses only to be told, after a couple of months, that we needed to drop our price. As we could see no reason to pay an Agent thousands of dollars in commission, we listed our property ourselves, less the Agent’s commission, and sold it for the full asking price within six months. We were delighted!

The advertising packages that we were offered by ‘For Sale By Owner’ were much more reasonable than those offered by many Agents. The advice, support and technical assistance were excellent and highly professional and always available. We would thoroughly recommend ‘For Sale By Owner’ to all those who are looking to market their own property.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Dee Humphreys

Dee Humphreys
Kin Kin, QLD

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to the For sale By Owner team!!!! You were soooo supportive and understanding when I called and asked you about this process!
We sold our home the first week we put it on! It was AMAZINGLY simple!!!! Who would have thought??? ….. and we saved ourselves $15 000 that we would otherwise have had to pay an agent!

I had 3 different Real Estate agents appraise our home, they all said we should be selling high $300 000, mid $450 000 max (if we wanted to sell). General view was that if we went into the $500’s NO ONE PERSON would be interested.
We called For Sale By Owner, had it up and listed on EVERY sales website within 48 hours of contacting them. The house went under contract for $595 000 a week later, the day after we had a cash offer for $600 000 and a week later another offer for $600 000. Due to personal integrity we stayed with the initial offer, and 3 weeks later (I kid you not) we moved out, and the beaut new owners moved in!

To think 3 couples were willing to purchase our beautiful home for $595-$600 000, when the agents wanted to list it in the mid $400s shows agents do NOT have your best interest at heart!

This process has been a dream come true, and I have 2 more friends who have already listed with For Sale By Owner, as a result of our fabulous experience/outcomes!!!

Take your heart and soul into your own hands, believe in yourself, and keep your own power (don’t sell yourself out to others).
Wishing you all speedy sales and happy days
Dee (Humphreys) – Recently of Kin Kin Queensland

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Lee S.

Lee S.
Carine, WA

I have used forsalebyowner.com.au a few times now in the last couple of years to sell or rent out my properties. Colin, Paul and the team there are very helpful and the process is quite straightforward. I’ve saved tens of thousands of $$ by not having to pay inflated agent commissions and my lawyer / settlement agent handles the paperwork anyway, so I couldn’t be happier.

I have recommended ‘forsalebyowner’ to several friends who have asked about DIY home sales and will gladly use them again myself if they keep up the great pricing and service – cheers guys.” Lee, Perth WA.

Thanks again to you and Colin and I look forward to doing business again next time

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Hollie Theissling

Hollie Theissling
Traralgon, VIC

I’m so happy with the services FSBO has provided. It was exactly what I wanted. A chance to sell my house knowing I’m more than capable of taking good photos and writing a good description. My house was well presented so it sold itself.

Your service allowed me to advertise to the main realestate sites for a low reasonable fee. Prompt service sending the sign and package of info and stationary. Your website was clear and made it easy to manage my listing and open days etc. Selling my home wasn’t stressful at all, I had fun and sold it in 2 weeks! I don’t know why more people don’t give it a go.

Thankyou FSBO.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Chris Harding

Chris Harding
Port Macquarie, NSW

We would just like to thank you for your great service and support. The exposure needed in today’s market was excellent. We have sold our home in just 20 days after listing it with For Sale By Owner. You were both available to answer questions and give advise outside of regular business hours which was truly appreciated, helpful, and important when you want to get on with the business of selling your home. Once we got everything up and running, the text and email notifications were great and very quick giving us contact details of people who had made inquiries about our home. We were then able to follow up and arrange viewings.

Our buyers came through the 6th day of listing and made an offer the day after that, which we later accepted. The rest of the time was getting the legalities worked through to exchange contracts. We were organised, made sure the house and gardens showed well, and had a pest and building inspection report available give prospective buyers as much information about the house as possible. This also gave us the confidence that there were no pest or building concerns.

We have bought and sold many homes over the years and it is our preferred way as you get to make direct contact with the vendor or purchaser enabling you to get or give direct real time answers to all questions asked.

We would certainly recommend selling or buying a home privately and For Sale By Owner make things very easy whether you are a first timer or have done it before. In fact our friends are about to list with you and we have also provided some feedback to a couple of people who knocked at our door after seeing the speedy result we were able to achieve.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Glen Hockam

Glen Hockam
Mooloolaba, QLD

Our property has now gone unconditional. Thank you so much to the For Sale By Owner team. We got exactly the price we were asking for.

We found For Sale By Owner very professional and a helpful company to deal with.

We recommend you to everyone.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Debbie Kras

Debbie Kras
Prahran, VIC

Selling this property with Forsalebyowner was easier than I could imagine.

I was guided through the initial stages and wherever I needed help there was someone to answer my question. Support was awesome!

On showing the apartment I was asked: “how does this private process work?”..I said ” make me a good offer and I’ll say Sold!” And that’s what happened. Four days after the board went up with one open for inspection I sold the property. I saved so much money and angst.

Very Happy. Thanks guys.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Sarah Monaghan

Sarah Monaghan
Venus Bay, VIC

Good news, we sold our block of land!

The enquiry was excellent and it was nice to have control of the potential buyers. We got a price pretty close to our asking price and in the end, we were dealing with two buyers wanting to buy our block.

Agents had it on the market for 2 years we had it on the market 2 months.

I will be recommending your service to others.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Adam Fry

Adam Fry
Barfold, VIC

I can’t recommend For Sale By Owner highly enough.  Firstly, the website is so intuitive that you never feel overwhelmed or in need of help.  Vital stuff!  Updates to your realestate.com.au and Domain listings are seamless.  Most importantly, while not having an agent confuses some buyers, there is almost unanimous approval when they visit the property for a personal inspection by the people that know it best.  

When selling a large rural property where there is a lot to learn besides just looking at the house, this is a real asset.  Answering questions about every aspect of the property is just something an agent (for whom the property would be one of many) would be incapable of doing and that’s no help to a purchaser.  In fact, the experience we had with the agent when buying our property in the first place, was perhaps the worst example of customer service I have ever experienced.  

The only tough part is being firm when negotiating the final price as you don’t have an impartial third party acting in your interest and you know the purchaser, so that can be tricky, but at the same time, engenders a level of trust that no agent could hope to achieve.  Having personal control of the process from start to finish and not being hassled and confused by agents also makes the sale process so much more pleasant.  

Say goodbye to greedy agents forever.  They are redundant.  FSBO is the future.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Lucy Rodda

Lucy Rodda
Erskine, WA

We were extremely pleased with selling our home with For Sale By Owner. The team assisted us with our listing. The site was easy to use and it looked so professional when listed.  

We were given the name of a photographer in our area who took amazing photos for our listing and photoboard.

Well worth selling your house through For Sale By Owner. Thank you to the team for such a  professional business.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: John D’onofrio

John D’onofrio
Windsor Gardens, SA

I have no idea why people sell with agents. I found selling my house my way so easy and people love talking to the actual owner. I sold on the first open inspection.

Thank you For Sale By Owner.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Joe Tooma

Joe Tooma
Wooloowin, QLD

We were excited about how simple you made it to sell our suburban house without the stress, hype and drama of having to deal with a traditional agent. And we got a better price than any agent could get for us in nearly 11 weeks.

We first listed with an agent, who told us about his grand record of exceeding customers’ expectation, but he insisted he could only help us if we gave him an “exclusive agency” for 3 months- that was our first mistake, we felt like we totally lost any control over the process. In 10 weeks the agent did not bring any offers to us, in spite of telling us when we signed up with him that the house would sell in a few weeks.

When we finally listed with For Sale By Owner, in 3 days we had almost 20 interested parties contact us, 12 came for an inspection and by day 5 we had a cash unconditional contract, with the cooling off period waived -plus a second buyer who wanted to offer even more a few days later.

We saved at least $22,000 and a lot of stress. People who contacted us were delighted to know they could deal with the seller direct and not have to go through an agent. Almost everybody had a “bad agent experience” they told us about.

I give FSBO my strongest recommendation- give it a go!!!

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Lyn Rowe

Lyn Rowe
Port Willunga, SA

The sale of our house  has now been finalised. Please take it off your listings. Selling my house has been a stress free, very positive experience. Thank you for setting up Forsalebyowner for people like me who wish to sell their own house, it has made the process so much easier than it would otherwise have been.

I will return the loan Open Inspection flag promptly as I no longer have a need for it.

Thanks again.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Steve Bingham

Steve Bingham
Nubeena, TAS

Hi For Sale By Owner, thanks for everything, you have really helped, I am happy to have successfully sold my land through you. Your service has been great. After I have been with 3 realestate agents, this way has been much better.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Nicole Nelson

Nicole Nelson
Port Denison, WA

For only $700 we were able to easily list our property on www.realestate.com.au and instantly had enquiries. We sold our house in only three weeks. The team at forsalebyowner were extremely efficient at responding to us and the process was a breeze. I’d highly recommend it.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Peter and Mary Allott

Peter and Mary Allott
Torbanlea, QLD

Agents believe they can be the only people to get a result in the selling of our houses. Wrong, after two Agents and two contracts falling over we had enough. For us the obvious choice was For Sale by Owner. If then a problem arose we could be the only people who could take the blame. After all we knew all about our house, where the water ran after rain, where the sun shone the most etc.

Colin and the team were great, the signs appeared very quickly and our add posted. Helped with the photos etc. And pretty soon we were on our way. This part of Australia (Fraser Coast Qld) doing it a little tough at the moment but we soon has quite a few enquiries and people doing inspections.

Some people still had to find a buyer for their house, some didn’t really find our house just right for them but at last we have found just the right people and so 4 different families will have their lives changed forever. We will never use an Agent again..

Best regards to you all at For sale by Owner

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Coleen Mccabe

Coleen Mccabe
Yorkeys Knob, QLD

Only way to sell a house with “FOR SALE BY OWNER”
Less stressful and hassle free with no commission to be paid!!!

A bonus for seller and buyer.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Stephen Digby

Stephen Digby
Camberwell, VIC

I would highly recommend for salebyowner.com.au. We obtained appraisals from real estate agents that gave us optimistic estimates of what we could get by selling through them. They were very helpful, but the price for their services and the advertising seemed excessive. As we were in no hurry to sell, we chose to try forsalebyowner and see if we could avoid these charges. forsalebyowner were very helpful and efficient and responded to all our queries personally and quickly. Most people we know were perplexed, amused or even worried about this departure from the accepted wisdom for Melbourne of an expensive auction.

Nearly all buyers (especially if interstate or overseas) use the internet to find property in addition to estate agent recommendations. We found the visibility on real.estate.com.au and domain.com was excellent. Forsalebyowner provides a range of additional advice, but we hired a quality wide-angle camera and did our own photography, and designed our own brochure.

One strategy we discovered, was to schedule our open for inspection slightly earlier than other properties thus jumping us to the top of inspection lists on that day. Of course, we had the contract and Victorian Vendors Statement (S32) prepared by a solicitor before advertising as most genuinely interested buyers wanted a digital copy sent to them for careful reading.

We also sent followup SMS’s to all those who inspected the property. We set our price above the real estate agents appraisals so that we would have some flexibility during negotiation. We completed negotiation and signed in our solicitor’s office for maximum peace of mind. The price we obtained was above the estate agents estimates.

The decision to have a go at selling our own property was a difficult one. We wondered whether we were doing the right thing. Now on the other side of this experience, we would have no hesitation in recommending firstly selling your own property and secondly ‘For Sale By Owner’ have made the whole experience a pleasure which resulted in a great sale price in a tough market.

Numerous potential buyers commented that they were over agents and congratulated us for having a go. We would certainly use FSBO again if we were selling another property.

Go for it, and all the best.

For Sale By Owner Reviews: Pauline Waugh

Pauline Waugh
Mosman, NSW

Thank you Colin and your team at For Sale by Owner for providing this excellent service. Not only did I find the FSBO system far less stressful than using an agent throughout the whole marketing process, but I also sold the property for a lot more than the sale price quoted by various agents.

The excellent sale price was also influenced by using an excellent auctioneer, Charlie Powell from Under the Hammer.