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A Step-by-Step Guide to Sell My House

Sell My House

If you want to sell your house privately, ‘For Sale By Owner’ can help you to do this yourself, without needing to use a traditional real estate agent. Save thousands of dollars by using our ‘Sell My House’ services and products. Wherever your property is located in Australia, we can help you achieve a sale without the high costs associated with using a traditional real estate agent.

We provide you all the tools you need to sell your house, including listings of Australia’s most prominent real estate websites such as and, ‘For Sale’ boards, property reports, printable brochures, access to industry experts, and extended support outside of normal business hours.

What are the main reasons to sell my house in Australia?

1. Save On Real Estate Commissions

Real estate commissions in Australia are extremely high. By selling your house privately without using a real estate agent, you’ll be able to save thousands in commission fees. As an example, on the sale of a $650,000 home at a rate of 2.5%, you would be saving $16,250 by selling your house privately through us as opposed to using an agent.

Selling your home privately is not just about saving tens of thousands of dollars in commission fees. It’s about being able to achieve a good outcome in terms of the price you sell for and how long your house is on the market for. There would be no point in saving on commission fees if you were not able to get the price you wanted, or if that meant your property was on the market for an extended period and the time to sell was longer than it would otherwise have been.

Fortunately, neither of these scenarios need to apply to you. With the marketing products, services and support that we offer, you are able to be just as successful as an agent would be in getting your property sold.

2. Save On Advertising Costs

In addition saving on commission fees, you’ll also save money on advertising costs when you sell without agents. Most agents charge a considerable amount for marketing, and often a portion of this budget does little more than promote their own agency.

Expensive advertising for print media or unnecessary upgrades means that the costs for marketing your property can become substantial in a short period of time, and would be payable by you even if your property does not sell.

Property marketing through sites like,, and is a much more effective and cost-effective way to promote your house to potential buyers. For Sale By Owner can help you save on advertising; our fees are a fraction of what many agents would charge.

3. You Control The Whole Sell My House Process

When you sell your house privately with For Sale By Owner, you’re able to control virtually every aspect of your marketing campaign. From advertising inspection times to the order in which photos appears, you have total control. This does not mean you’re alone though. If you ever need any help in negotiating with a prospective buyer, or would just like to get our opinion about the wording of your advertisement, we’re happy to help.

Once you’ve placed your house online, you also be able to edit your listing and make as many changes as you like, 24/7. If you decide you’d like to conduct an open for inspection on the weekend, you can simply log into your account and add the dates. Your property listing will then automatically update on all websites a short time thereafter.

In terms of enquiries, our systems are set up in such a way that then a property buyer makes an enquiry, this will come straight through to you. You’ll receive an email notification and an SMS alert. The buyer in turn will also receive an SMS with your contact details. It’s absolutely crucial in the selling process, that people are responded to in a timely manner. By being in full control, you’ll be able to connect with the buyer straight away.

4. You Are Able To Negotiate Directly With The Buyers

When you sell your house privately, you and the buyer will have a direct line of communication. There is no second-hand recounting of a conversation from the agent. Instead, you and the buyer are able to communicate directly and effectively.

Many buyers are wary of real estate agents, preferring to deal directly with the owners. As the home owner, you know your house better than anyone, and you are in a better position to answer any questions that potential buyers may have. By cutting out the middle-man, you and the buyer can move towards a potential sale much faster.

One reason why many people still use real estate agents is that they do not want to be involved in the negotiating process. However, real estate agents are generally just incentivised to achieve a sale, with a sale price being only a secondary concern. If you are wanting to use the sell my house process but don’t want to negotiate, please contact us to see how we can assist.

5. You Know Your Home Better Than Anyone

The knowledge you have of your house and the surrounding area is important. Buyers really do appreciate being able to ask questions and get accurate and honest answers to any questions they may have and no one is in a better position or knows more about the property than you do.

Potential buyers will also want to know more about the neighbourhood and local amenities and the street itself. They can be assured by you, who has lived there and experienced it all, that they won’t be given misleading information by an agent who doesn’t know the area and home as well as you do.

6. You Won't Be Burdened With An Agent Who Is Not Doing Enough

It happens with great regularity that people who come to us have previously tried to sell through an agent, have not been successful, and have been frustrated by their previous agent. Most agents will require an exclusive authority to sell your house, and until that time expires, there is nothing you can really do if you have an agent who is not doing enough to achieve a sale for you.

When it comes to communicating with potential buyers you won’t need to worry about misinformation given by a misinformed agent. You also avoid the frustration of being dismissed by an arrogant agent who doesn’t answer your concerns or questions about the progress of the sale campaign.

When you sell your own property with For Sale by Owner, our staff are customer service focused and we want you to achieve the best possible result. We will always answer your call and be there when you need us. We’re also up to speed with property news and developments in the real estate industry.

7. Price Flexibility – No Need To Factor In Commission Costs

Private homes that are being sold directly by the owners can often be more competitively priced or can have more flexibility compared with an agent property. This does not mean that you need to sell your house for less than an agent would be able to get; it simply means you have more flexibility.

Consider the following example. Two properties are being sold in the same complex and are almost identical. One of the properties is being sold by the owner directly, and the other is being sold the agent. The person who has engaged the agent will need to pay approximately $18,000 in commission. The private vendor in this scenario, who will not be paying any commission, can easily afford to drop the price just a little, making their sale much more competitive and attractive to buyers.

Also, when it comes to private houses sales, buyers know you are saving money and they feel better in knowing there is likely more room to negotiate. Overall it’s a ‘win-win’ for both you and the buyer. For Sale by Owner can also help you with pricing your property by providing you with a property report of recent sales in your area and a Core Logic property valuation report.

Sell My House

Sell My House

Sell My House

Why Should I Use For Sale By Owner to Sell My House?

1. We've Been in Business Since 2010

Sell My House

For Sale By Owner was founded in 2010, and we’ve been at the forefront of private real estate sales since then. For Sale By Owner operates nationally and we are licensed in every State and Territory of Australia. We are a well-known and trusted company and Australia’s best-recognised service for those looking to sell their property without paying huge agent commissions. We hold real estate licences in all states and territories of Australia.

We have sold many thousands of properties. Please see our testimonials or read our reviews to get an idea of what our past customers have had to say about us. See also our current listings, auction results, and the sold section to view examples of current and past listings.

2. We Advertise Your Property on and

Sell My House

In order to get maximum exposure when advertising your house, apartment, unit, land, townhouse or rural property, it’s important that you are listed on the two biggest real estate portals in Australia, namely and Any sellers guide will mention this as a crucial part of any sales campaign.

By listing your private house through For Sale By Owner, you’ll be able to reach just as many prospective buyers as a traditional real estate agent would be able to. Search properties to see some examples. We are able to advertise on and as For Sale By Owner is a licensed agent.

3. You'll Have Full Control Over Your Listing

Sell My House

Our website allows you to create and edit your listing 24/7. You are able to log in and change the description, title, price, photos and any other aspect of your advertisement at any time. These changes then flow through to all the websites on which we list, more or less in real-time.

In terms of media files, we also allow you to upload up to 35 photos, 2 floor plans, 1 property video, and 2 interactive tours. When it comes to selling properties, our software is easy and intuitive.

4. Cutting-Edge Real Estate Technology

Sell My House

For Sale By Owner has developed state-of-the-art proprietary software to enable our customers to have the best possible chance of selling their property privately without an agent. When an enquiry is made on your property, you’ll receive an automated email with the buyer’s details, and they will, in turn, receive an email with your details.

We also use a sophisticated yet easy to use code system when people phone up about your property. The user simply inputs a five-digit code which is unique to your property, and they will be given your contact details over the phone as well as via SMS. This entire system is fully automated and works 24/7.

Sell My House

Sell My House In Australia: Outstanding Customer Support

Selling your own home does not mean you’re on your own. We provide assistance with all aspects of your sale campaign, including real estate advice from a licensed agent should you ever wish to discuss anything relating to an offer that you may have received, how best to negotiate a particular private sale or any other matter. In addition to that we also offer round-the-clock support should you need any help with your advertisement itself or any other related matter. From assisting with the artwork for you photo signs to help with negotiations, we are always willing to help. Whether it’s a property valuation you need, Information about stamp duty, where to get a letter of offer form, or just some general tips for selling, we’re here for you.

Looking to sell your property privately? 

If you’re interested in the sell my house method, please get in touch with us for any questions you may have about the process, and how we can help you achieve a great result. It’s perfectly legal in Australia to sell your own house or land, and you can save a significant amount of money by doing so yourself. Search our listings or view the sold section of to view some of our previous successful sales.

Looking to rent out your property privately?

If you own a rental property and are looking for tenants, we can also help you advertise. View our properties for rent or click through to our rental packages to see how we can assist.

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