For Sale By Owner Review

Peter and Mary Allott - Torbanlea, QLD

For Sale By Owner Review: Peter and Mary Allott - Torbanlea, QLD

Agents believe they can be the only people to get a result in the selling of our houses. Wrong, after two Agents and two contracts falling over we had enough. For us the obvious choice was For Sale by Owner. If then a problem arose we could be the only people who could take the blame. After all we knew all about our house, where the water ran after rain, where the sun shone the most etc.

Colin and the team were great, the signs appeared very quickly and our add posted. Helped with the photos etc. And pretty soon we were on our way. This part of Australia (Fraser Coast Qld) doing it a little tough at the moment but we soon has quite a few enquiries and people doing inspections.

Some people still had to find a buyer for their house, some didn’t really find our house just right for them but at last we have found just the right people and so 4 different families will have their lives changed forever. We will never use an Agent again..

Best regards to you all at For sale by Owner

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