Sold Price: Price Not Disclosed
Property Type: Development

High Density Residential Mixed Use 3159 sq.m.

A New and Different Way to Sell Land!!

Beenleigh Town Centre. Town Planning Due Diligence Report available.

We are anxious to realize the value of our investment.

If you are a real estate agent and require a signed Form 6 contact us by email.

We believe a fair price for high density residential zoned vacant land with potential for mixed use or subdivision is $570 sq.m.

Our terms are quite simple and clear.
-please let us know you are doing your due diligence and we will keep you in the loop if we are about to sign a contract wth someone else
- upon signing the contract a 5% non refundable deposit
- balance of agreed price eight months from signing the contract to allow for your DA

- happily 48kentstreets zoning means few of the normal residential development restrictions apply.
- there can be 100% site coverage to a height of 40 meters
- a 200 apartment project will mean a land content per apartment of $9000, 100 apartments $18,000 and 50 apartments $36,000.
- of course making the bottom floor commercial makes sense.