Type: Business Sale
Price: $24,900
Property Type: Home/Garden

Hugely Successful Lawn Mowing and Gardening Business For Sale

Due to health reasons we are looking to sell our Jim's Mowing Franchise Business.

We purchased the business in May 2006 after moving to Australia. After 11 years of being a Franchisee with Jim's Mowing we are one of the largest (in number of clients and area) on the Sunshine Coast. We are selling our business as a whole or in splits in various territories starting at $ 24,900 including territory and customer base.

You can choose how many customers you want to service right from day one.

It is easy to built your business with the backing of Australia's best known and most successful lawn mowing and gardening brand. In fact it is the world largest mowing franchise.

Jim's franchise owner's have the following benefits:

- 24 Hr website and 24/7 call centre which sends you enquires directly to your phone

- the franchise fee is set so there won't be any surprises (you know exactly from the start what you have to pay)

- massive advertising package including TV, radio, print media and social media

- Promotional items such as business cards, uniforms, fridge magnets can be easy purchased through Jim's Franchisor.

- being part of Jim's makes you eligible for great discounts on vehicles, mowing equipment, mobile phones and insurance

- be part of the big Jim's family with all the support from the Franchisor and other local Franchisee's.

- before you start with your business you get one week training in Melbourne

- two weeks handover to ensure a smooth start of your business.

-we are happy to assist you in regards of purchasing the right equipment for you business

-Jim's own in house job management system available to you or we are helping you setting you up with the system we are working with

Jim's Franchisees own a reputation of high quality service and being trustworthy. All perspective Jim's mowing franchise owners must undergo the police screening and in house training at the Jim's Training Centre in Melbourne. This comes at a minimal extra cost which is worthwhile because you receive all the information and training to succeed in your business.

The businesses can be sold as independant run too!

Please contact us for more details.

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