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For Sale By Owner is a private real estate website. Here you can search for private houses for sale, or can advertise your own house for private sale.

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We can assist whether you are looking to sell your house privately in the ACT yourself or buy your next property in the ACT.

For Sale By Owner: 22/32 Springvale Drive, Hawker, ACT 2614
For Sale By Owner: 18/41 David Street, O'connor, ACT 2602
For Sale By Owner: 22 Marsden Street, Dickson, ACT 2602
For Sale By Owner: Unit 159 Door 1103/6 Grazier Lane, Belconnen, ACT 2617

Private House Sales ACT

Private House Sales in the Australian Capital Territory becoming more popular each year. Both vendors and buyers alike are realising that using a traditional real estate agent is no longer necessary. This can result in significant savings as no real estate commissions need to be paid. This benefits both buyers and sellers. By cutting out the real estate agent, buyers and sellers can also negotiate directly with each other. Are you considering selling your house yourself, without using an agent? Phone us on 1300 114 970 to see how we can help.

1. How Do Private House Sales in the Australian Capital Territory Work?

The process of selling a property without an agent is very simple. With private house sales, the owner is just selling themselves, without using an agent. So instead of talking and negotiating with a real estate agent, you simply talk to the owner of the property directly. There really is very little difference. There is just no middle-person and the buyer and seller just talk to each other directly.

2. Do I Still Need My Own Conveyancer or Solicitor?

Yes, it's always recommended that you use a professional to assist with the paperwork related to buying any property. They will be able to help with any questions you may have and will be able to do open homes. If you would like to make an offer on a private sale property, you can simply let the seller know this. If you've worked out a deal that is acceptable to both parties, they will then be able to provide you with a contract. Even when an agent is involved, both parties would need to engage their own conveyancer or solicitor. When buying or selling privately, this should still be the case. Before signing a contract to buy a property, you may want to check this with them. Be aware though that the calling-off period may be affected (as is the case with agent sales as well).

3. Are Private Property Sales Legal in the Australian Capital Territory?

Yes. There is no legal requirement in Australia that a real estate agent needs to be involved.

4. Are all Properties on Being Sold Privately?

For Sale By Owner also has a number of properties for rent on our website. We list both residential and commercial properties. All properties for sale are being sold by the owners directly.

5. Is is Safe To Buy a Property Privately?

Buying a property privately is perfectly safe when using a conveyancer or solicitor. Payment of the deposit must also go to them, and not the seller. The seller would not be able to access it until settlement. Your lender will help to make sure that the transfer of ownership is done as it should be.

6. How Successful Are Private Sellers in ACT

We do not have specific data on the success rate of our clients as compared with agent-assisted sales, but private sellers who list with us, on the whole, do very well. At this time, more than 9,000 of our customers have been able to successfully sell their houses without using an agent.

7. Do You Charge Real Estate Commission?

No, For Sale By Owner does not charge any commissions whatsoever. The only fees payable are the package fee, which is a one-off payment, and any extra add-ons you may like to buy along the way, such as upgrades or extra For Sale boards etc. There are no fees payable when you sell, and we also do not charge any monthly or ongoing fees.

8. What Types Of Property Can I Sell in the ACT?

You can sell any type of residential or commercial property with us. The websites on which we list vary depending on whether it’s a residential property or commercial property. You can sell a house, unit, apartment, block of land, townhouse or anything else. For commercial properties, you can also sell an office, warehouse, shop and more. Please contact us if you’re unsure as to whether your property is suitable for a private sale.

9. Do You Have Any Reviews I Could See?

Yes. Please see our For Sale By Owner Reviews ( page, which has links to the various review sites. We also have many reviews you can read, available from the main menu above.

10. Will I be Tied to an Exclusive Agreement?

No. For Sale By Owner requires that you sign a marketing authority, but this is only to give us permission to advertise your property on various websites. It does not however tie you to us. You will be free to also advertise your property anywhere else and in any other way you like. You can simultaneously list anywhere else you like and you can also terminate your listing with us at any time.

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  • 4 hotel
  • 2 hot_tub
  • 2 directions_car

$915,000 - $945,000

  • 4 hotel
  • 1 hot_tub
  • 4 directions_car


  • 4 hotel
  • 2 hot_tub
  • 1 directions_car

Price by Negotiation

  • 10 hotel
  • 3 hot_tub
  • 4 directions_car
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