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Sell My Business Hobart

Sell My Business Hobart, TAS

Selling a business in Hobart, TAS can be done without using a broker and expending huge amounts of commission. We have found that owners are very good at selling their businesses without a broker or agent. As the owner, you know best how the business works. You are also the best person to explain to a potential buyer why the business is a good buy and the potential upsides of the business.

When selling your business, the business must be advertised to reach a maximum audience of potential buyers. Our business packages are the most comprehensive in Australia, and allow you to reach a vast number of people. The business to which websites we publish are the same ones used by business brokers. In addition to this, we use a network of additional websites with which we have an exclusive listing arrangement.

For Sale By Owner has been helping Australians sell businesses and franchises for over 10 years and has a brilliant success record. Here is a quick overview:

Our Business Packages are Comprehensive

Whether you own a business in Hobart or wider TAS, we have a business package that can suit your needs. We understand that each business is unique, and if our packages are not quite right for you, we can also tailor a custom package to suit your needs.

The For Sale By Owner business sales platform has two packages. Each includes a variety of popular Australian business portals, and each package allows you to sell your business without having to pay any commission. A this time, our two packages are the Business Essentials and Business Essentials Plus+. Please view our package pages to see current prices and inclusions.

You'll have Flexibility and Control

We understand that you may be willing to display all details on your online advertisement, or may wish to keep this confidential. It’s common for business owners to not want competitors to see that their business is for sale sale. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to keep this information private.

Your listing can have as much or as little information as you want to show. You can display the price, address and any other information that prospective buyers will see, or choose to keep this hidden. You may wish to photo(s) of the actual business, or you may just want to use generic stock photos. This is entirely up to you. When listing with us, you control all of this.

We have an Excellent Success Rate

For Sale By Owner has been very successful in selling hospitality businesses like coffee and sandwich shops, take away businesses, pizza shops, burger shops, gyms, nutrition, web businesses, manufacturing, cleaning businesses, garden businesses, battery and other electronic and motor car businesses.

There are many types of businesses in Australia, and numerous leading franchise owners in Australia have chosen us to sell their businesses, with great success. No matter what kind of business you are selling, our platform can help you find the right buyer.

When selling a business most brokers use the owners to help them get the buyer over the line, and that’s why just dealing directly with the owner is such a good strategy. It saves a lot of unnecessary expense. We have helped owners sell businesses worth $50K to over $10 million. We have helped sell wine farms with the business and the property and many accommodation and hotel businesses. In some cases, this has included real estate attached and other times just the business.

Sell My Business Hobart

Here are some commonly asked questions we get about private business sales. If you have any questions of your own in terms of selling your business in Hobart, feel free to call us on 1300 114 970, or reach out to us via out 'Contact Us' page.

1. How can i sell my own business in Hobart?

Sell My Business Hobart, Tasmania

We have an excellent article here about how to sell your own business.

One of the most important parts of selling your business is advertising. Several prominent business portals are used by buyers looking to buy a business in Hobart. These include Seek Business, CRE (Commercial Real Estate), Business Bay, Business Express and the For Sale By Owner website. When advertising your business for sale with us, your listing will appear on all these websites, as well as a handful of lesser-known but still good business sites.

The business websites on which we list our businesses for sale are the same that business brokers use to find buyers. Instead of using an agent to communicate with buyers, you will be able to do this yourself. And by selling yourself, you will be able to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in business agent fees.

2. How do enquiries and communication with buyers work?

Sell My Business Hobart, Tasmania

When a potential buyer makes an online enquiry or phones up about your property, they will be in touch with you directly. You will also receive all the details of the person who has enquired, and both parties will then be able to progress from there. The main ways that buyers will be able to get your details are through online enquiries, phone calls or SMS messages, and through calls made to our office.

When selling your business in Hobart with us, you are essentially acting as the agent yourself. This means that you will need to field all calls and answer all questions that potential buyers may have. In some cases, this is something you may want to refer to your accountant. In most cases, you will communicate with buyers yourself. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you need help with anything.

3. How long does it take to sell a business in Hobart?

Sell My Business Hobart, Tasmania

There are a great number of different types of businesses in Hobart, so it isn’t easy to give a precise and realistic time frame that would apply to any business. However, we can say with confidence that our clients have just as much success in selling themselves as those who still use a traditional business broker do.

One thing that can potentially help cut down the time your business is on the market, is website upgrades. Several business portals feature the ability for you to upgrade your listing. The result is that it will then appear higher in search results than competing businesses. Any upgrades that are available to business brokers are also available to you. This means that you are not at any disadvantage when it comes to maximising the audience that your business listing will reach.

4. What sort of help can I expect?

Sell My Business Hobart, Tasmania

We always try to assist business owners wherever help is needed and wherever we can. Having said that, many of our clients successfully sell their businesses without ever needing our help. But if you do need it, it’s there. We can help with any aspect relating to your listing as it appears on the business websites to which we publish, can offer insights relating to the marketing campaign, and can on occasion even assist with negotiations.

The help at For Sale By Owner includes an ex-accountant who has been involved in the sale of many businesses and can give you some help in putting the listing together before publishing the business for sale. We also have a professional copywriter and graphic designer to assist you with your listing.

5. Is this way of selling a business in Hobart effective?

Sell My Business Hobart, Tasmania

Many accountants and business advisors use this for sale by owner platform to list their clients’ businesses as they know how well the platform works and manages all enquiries ensuring buyers of business who make an enquirer will get that delivered to the seller in real time with no delays. Working with us gives them that confidence and we help so many players in the industry get these business listings on to all the best ‘business for sale’ sites.

Selling a business is about putting together some info about that business and publishing that info on as many sites as we can so that Google and search engines pick up the listing and this results in the owner getting many enquiries. Many people come to Australia and need to buy a business, and many of those buyers are always searching the websites we publish your listing to find appropriate businesses for sale.

Selling your own business privately is not just possible if you are based in Hobart. We can also assist you in advertising your business for sale in Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, Kingston, Ulverstone, New Norfolk, Wynyard, George Town, Sorell, and all other areas in Tasmania.

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