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How Can I Advertise My Property On

It is important to advertise your property on as it is Australia’s No.1 website for buying and selling real estate. Firstly, the site has 5 million visitors per month and secondly, attracts the broadest audience from all walks of life dealing with many aspects of real estate, from first home buyers to corporate developers. It is the ultimate in exposure for your property without a doubt. For Sale By Owner allows you to advertise on This is possible if you are selling your property or if you are renting out your property.

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  • Can I list my property without using an agent?

    No. is exclusively for agents and is closely monitored to ensure that the real estate advertising standards are upheld. You can list on though us however.

  • So does target a ‘certain’ audience?

    Basically… to “Anyone” interested in property, whether that is: buyers; sellers; renovators; builders; developers; retirees; landlords and tenants. covers every aspect of residential real estate and people know this and go to this site when they are seriously requiring any of those above services.

  • I’ve noticed on REA that there are different types of ads, what are the differences and what do your packages include

    One of the many good things about is that depending on what you wish to spend, there 4 choices of adverts. Our packages provide what is called a “standard” listing until you sell. The other ad types are Premiere, Highlight and then Feature ads, all appearing in that order from top priority to least. We can provide you that access to any type of advert should you wish to get a quote today.

  • How is it that you are able to get my advert on

    We are a subscribed customer of and we hold our own accounts and licences in every state and territory of Australia.

  • How do buyers contact me?

    For Sale By Owner utilises the latest of technology to put you and buyers in contact with one another. Online enquiries made through are processed automatically and are sent to your chosen email address in ‘real time, without any intervention by us.

  • How long do you keep my advert active?

    Your ad is listed until you sell, so if your property is taking longer than usual to sell you don’t need to worry, your advert will stay on all websites.

  • Can I advertise my rental property on

    Yes you can, it will go in the rental section and prospective tenants can use’s application process called “1form” to submit their applications

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