For Sale By Owner Review

Kirsty - Monbulk, VIC

For Sale By Owner Review: Kirsty - Monbulk, VIC

We couldn’t believe when local agents quoted us around $13,000 to sell a property they themselves said would “walk out the door”, receive multiple offers in the first week, sell within 3 weeks etcetera. Even if you allowed 4 hours for writing the listing, booking a photographer, attending three half-hour home opens, writing up offers and witnessing contract signing, that works out at $3,250 an hour! So we thought we’d give For Sale By Owner a shot and had:

* two buyers wanting to view the property prior to first Home Open because they were so keen
* three offers after the first Home Open
* the price we wanted and a contract signed in just 8 days

The people that came through the property all commented on how much they preferred dealing directly with the seller. And we have found, through the purchase of our new property interstate, just how annoying it is to deal with a real estate agent, who has to go away and check with the vendor to answer pretty much every question you have.

The only thing that has me puzzled, given how easy it was to sell the property ourselves, is why doesn’t everyone do this?? Am I missing something??

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