For Sale By Owner Review

Greg Hadaway - Tumbi Umbi, NSW

For Sale By Owner Review: Greg Hadaway - Tumbi Umbi, NSW

If you are thinking about selling your property privately and are unsure where to start like I was when we had our property passed in at auction then one thing you need to do is get it on the web. I thought it was impossible to put it on websites like & where all the estate agents advertise until I discovered the guys at ‘forsalebyowner’.

Although it irks the agents that the private seller can do this, it is totally legitimate. They helped me through the whole process which by the way is the same software as the agents use, and within 30 minutes or so the house was up on numerous sites. I liked the idea that we had full access to edit the advertisement at any time as you get a password from the start. We had plenty of interest from the sign at the front of the property but the eventual buyer came via the ad on as they were from Sydney and we live approximately 100 klms north.

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