18-22 Howes Street, Airport West, VIC 3042

Auction: Sunday, 15 Dec 2019: 10:30 am
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Vendor Details: 0488 847 018
Enter Phone Code 90061 when prompted.

Vacant land airport west zone 1 residential development

The Phone Code for this property is: 90061. Please quote this number when phoning or texting.

Vacant Land Sale

To the ingenious developer

Recapitulating important points

1) Location! Location! Location!

The global financial and economic climate condition still remains bright and stable. This platform of wealth allows the builder to create new exciting designer apartments, for locals and the influx of American, English, European immigrants and Chinese from Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The prospects to be an innovative, creative, flamboyantly bold and an audacious developer is fiscally secure, if managed wisely.

With an inductive figure of 19+ apartments being able to be built on Stage one and 43+ more apartments built on Stage 2 the futuristic vision is captivating and feasible at 18-22 Howes Street Airport West.

Today's down sizes are looking for spacious household-sized apartments that can accommodate their current lifestyles, with the additional benefits of resort-style amenities within walking distance to retail and dining hubs, multiple public transport options, CBD juxtaposition and a close proximity to international and domestic airports are sought-after by most of today's homebuyers. All these benefits are available at 18-22 Howes Street Airport West 3042(attached flyer for more details).

Airport West has been going through a major transformation and now has a household profile consistent with popular inner-city areas that rate high in areas of convenience, connectivity and green spaces, which are currently being accommodated to enhance growth. This strong population growth has attracted more cafés, bars, exclusive retail shopping outlets medical centres and restaurants into the established suburb of Airport West.

Location! Location! Location!
That's 18-22 Howes Street Airport West. A niche that is creating an urban chic vibe that those owner-occupiers are looking for when selecting a property. This inner city-fringe suburb will evolve into a top urban lifestyle district with new boutique apartment mushroom within the next decade.

2) What can 18-22 Howes Street achieve?
Here is an indicative conjecture.

Residents will have the option to own a two-bedroom space or purchase a two-bedroom space with study, a three-bedroom apartment with study or a three-bedroom with a multi-purpose room at competitive quality certified price.

Indicatively if prices for apartments at 18,20,22 Howes Street start at e.g. $439,000 for two bed room or $489,000 or for two-bedroom space with study and at e.g., $599,000 for three-bedroom and $655,000 for three-bedroom apartments with study, we could attain an overall average price of $545,500 per apartment multiply $545,500 by 62 apartments we will collectively receive $33,821,000 less expenditures will sum up a pragmatic profit margin.

Alternatively multiply 62 apartments generously by $500,000 you will collectively receive a handsome diamond studded pocket of $31,000,000 less expenditures. In all calculations the ingenious developer can only determine the judicious profit margin.

This is unmistakably a Bonanza for the ingenious developer.
Just a quick reminder, boutique residence has been attracting interest for its desirable dwelling space for the astute homeowners. Complement pricing and quality should always remain and maintained at a comprehensive, conclusive, luxuriant level, as the overall market price is well monitored and compared by most of todays buyers.

With an inductive figure of 19 apartments being able to be built on Stage one or may be more depending on FAR (building area ÷ lot area) and 43+ more apartments built on Stage 2, the futuristic vision is captivating and feasible at 18-22 Howes Street Airport West.

What are you are intending to build?
We are what we build. We grow by what we construct.

Create a fun fusion between old and new, be artistic, go skinny and tall go Amsterdam or Tudor. Playfully elaborate masonry chimneys with chimney pots, embellished doorways, groupings of windows, and decorative half-timbering exposed wood framework with the spaces between the timbers filled with masonry. Go nostalgic.

Be abstract try the 'CORTEN' steel rustic look, create a new dimension of warehouse looking apartments with exposed galvanised and brass pipes rustic 'CORTEN' steel curtain walls and landscaping dressed in 'CORTEN' detailed in design and planning. Designer light, taps, spacious kitchens and lavish interior fitting will be advantageous. With the correct design in place your market sale price will sky rocket beyond expectation.

Design outside the local box. Richard Marcinko's quote applies "The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat."

There will be x tons of concrete, x tons of glass, x tons of bricks, steel, timber, tiles, pipes, slabs etc used for your innovative project, irrespective of what is matured in your design. Be The Boutique Designer and The Ingenious Developer of 2020. There is $ in being boutique.

Engineering and architectural innovation, smart technology, existing and expanding infrastructure has contributed and crafted a housing market bonanza in Airport West. Address number 18, 20 and 22 Howes Street will over the next decade develop into contemporary living spaces that will be luxurious, sophisticated and sustainable as a premier lifestyle hub if managed, financed, engineered, architected and directed wisely by the ingenious Developer.

Customising apartments with open layouts, lavish furnish fittings and modern fixtures are smart. The demand for large luxury units will outstrip market supply. This strong interest has emerged due to the quality of the building as well as its PRIME LOCATION with a delicate balance between design and comfort in the heart of Airport West.

Be innovative; deliver an attitude of the ingenious developers vision. A modern elevated design of apartments. Think outside the box. Be the best, be abstract and generous in design, and explore the depth and field of construction. Change the length, breadth, height and width of your building structure. Create a new dimension that is considered to be acceptably sharp and friendly. Be brave and tenacious making people communicate with a niche of wealth and comfort that you cordially design. Design specifically for owner-occupiers thinking of moving from their houses into a desirable apartment, a home with warm, refreshing, social and hospitable ambience.

Location! Location! Location!

Key features include:
Vacant possession - Ready to move in
Equidistant to city and airport
Surrounded by new developments and infrastructure


Due to unprecedented growth in Melbourne, liveability in outer reach suburbs is not economically appealing as connection to job opportunities, education and basic services require car dependency.

Most job creation is isolated to or around the Melbourne CBD, only 17km away with a daily workforce of over 500,000 people.

The existing increased infrastructure standards of Airport West creates a polycentric city as it will decrease travel time, localise businesses, encourages social interaction, networking, walking and cycling ability; transporting and improving a healthier community lifestyle at 18-22 Howes Street Airport West.

With activity and creative centres already in place and on the move for urban renewal and rejuvenation we will see an abundance of localised opportunity and a shared balance of job creation that extends beyond the CBD, strengthening the framework and growth of Airport West as a hub and a high demand housing market complex because of the existing and expanding infrastructure and Job opportunities within the 17km radius.

Exciting local activity and creative centres thrive as they remain dedicated to community, culture and social attributes giving residents no reason to commute one to three hours to and from work hence we have a huge economical $savings, raising the quality of urban life style, a delicate balance between time and comfort in Airport West.

Airport west is booming with opportunity. An opportunity not to be dismissed as this urban sprawl continues with sustainable and centralised developments and updated infrastructure and commercial opportunities for residential apartment development, service apartments or contemporary apartments going beyond the 'standard' at 18-22 Howes Street Airport West. Three versatile blocks ready for the empowered to build with zest and zeal on three individual Certificate of Title.

This investment is economically viable to the ingenious developer, ingenious enough to overcome with great enthusiasm and energy on a limited budget with rewarding financial dividends.
Why is 18-22 Howes Street one of the most sought after blocks in Airport West?

The above is a prospective question to the potential developer delivered in part.

The attractive floor space of 2000+sq meters makes it a Bonanza for the right developer.
With a Zone 1 classification 18-22 Howes Street Airport West sits on 3 separate individual titles with the Potential to Develop low-rise apartments up to 5 stories high.

Another contributing attractive attribute is simply because of the Location and the
availability of a Vacant Land equipped to start a two or three-stage development program, which makes it super attractive to a 'buy and develop project' discerned investor. Work on this site can commence immediately as soon as an approval is obtained from our local council. Time is wealth.

This property is situated in a convenient location, close to all local amenities including departmental shopping centres housing boutiques of various culture, Secondary and
Primary Schools both private and government, Kindergartens, Churches, Dentist, Supermarkets, High profile Gyms, Hairdressers and more with an infrastructure built within its core proximity are; Universities, Hospitals and Airports both Domestic and International just minutes away catering for todays buyers needs.

Another positive contribution is its easy reach to the CBD, only a tram ride away,
with buses only a one minute walk from 18 - 22 Howes Street, complete with a train link system from Essendon to all parts of Victoria and Australia wide. All these viable transport communication systems create an opportunity for a wider market of potential buyers.

The proposed investment is economically viable, remembering also 18-22 Howes Street Airport West 3042 offers an amazing attraction for foreign and local students because of its juxtaposition in everyday life style of city and suburban philosophy which is needed for a liveable and sustainable future. This is the key challenge to Melbourne's growth with services that always better meet the specific needs of our communities. The progress of Airport
West under the shire of Moonee valley creates an excellent resale value on all accounts.

The above proposed investment is economically viable to the ingenious developer,
ingenious enough to overcome a limited budget on these three versatile blocks with zest.

Do not hesitate or dismiss this positive prospective and a rewarding golden opportunity.



Whilst every care has been taken to verify the accuracy of the details in this advertisement, For Sale By Owner (forsalebyowner.com.au Pty Ltd) cannot guarantee its correctness. Prospective buyers or tenants need to take such action as is necessary, to satisfy themselves of any pertinent matters.

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Floor Area: 2061 m2
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