Sell My Business Privately

How To Sell Your Business Privately

I Want To Sell My Business Privately, Where Do I Start?

First and foremost, start with preparation on the best way to market your business. The most effective way is internet advertising and the leading websites in Australia to sell your business privately are no doubt “Seek Business” and “Domain Business”. By going through For Sale by Owner, we will get your business on to these sites plus more “and” you will be listed until you sell.

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  • What things do I need to consider before I start marketing my business to sell it privately?

    Knowing the value of your business and who you want to target are essential so some research will be required. As the owner of the business you are in the best seat to determine this, you know the business’ assets, earnings, outgoings so who better to sell your own business than yourself. We will do the rest by multi-loading your advert to the sites it needs to be on.

  • I don’t know a lot about 'Seek Business', why do you recommend this particular site?

    SEEK Business has been in operation since 2008 and has quickly become Australia’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling ready to run business and franchise opportunities, even those from as little as under $10,000 where well established multinational brands have often times taken these opportunities up. At any given time, there are approximately 11,000 business opportunities advertised on SEEK Business.

  • What is the demographic of people looking at SEEK Business?

    The majority of Seek’s business seekers are in the 35-55 age group, on above average income, most often those with a University degree and already investing. Around 40% are ready to buy a business, while 60% may be browsing purely to find the perfect opportunity when they come across one.

  • What other sites does my advert go on to?

    The other leading website is 'DOMAIN Business' which is now found on which operates as part of the Domain Group in Fairfax Media.’s multi-media platforms make it easy for property seekers to search and explore all kinds of businesses across Australia for sale. This site along with Juwai and realestate1 business sections will ensure ample exposure for selling your business.

  • Do I get to create my own advert?

    Yes you have full control over your advert from creation through to editing your ad at any time.

  • How do enquirers get in contact with me?

    You are able to put your own contact number and email so they contact you directly.

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